Write for us

The Asexual Agenda is a blog written by ace-spectrum people, for ace-spectrum people, seeking to go beyond the basics. The Asexual Agenda hosts articles on many topics, including personal experiences, relationships, language, intersectionality, activism, media, and more.

Would you like to write for us?  We are always in need of more writers, so we’d be excited to have you!

What it involves

As a writer, you will have a lot of freedom to choose your own topics, and how frequently you write.  We are happy to offer guidance, and feedback on drafts, but we can’t force you to write, and we won’t tell you what to write about.

There will also be a small amount of e-mail correspondence for administrative details and draft feedback.  No experience with WordPress necessary.

How to apply

Please e-mail us at asexualagenda@gmail.com.  Briefly (less than 100 words) tell us about yourself.  If you already have a blog, include a link.  Please include a writing sample (~300-1000 words) that you think would be appropriate to publish on The Asexual Agenda.

What we’re looking for

The writing sample is not a test of your writing proficiency, but a test of your ability to come up with topics.  If you are to write multiple essays for The Asexual Agenda, each essay needs to have a certain level of focus and specificity.  If you check out the Carnival of Aces archive, there’s a focused theme each month, and we expect at least that level of focus.  You can also check out the articles currently published, to get a sense for what we write about.

Generally, a personal story about coming out or self-realization is not sufficient, because it’s a common story and it’s hard for us to gauge whether you also have other things to write about.

As far as writing proficiency goes, it’s okay if you don’t feel you measure up.  For one thing, many people underestimate their writing ability.  For another, that’s something we can help with.  The main issue we have with new contributors, is not that they write poorly, but that they stop writing altogether.

Guest posts

If you want to submit just one essay, without making a long-term commitment, then we are also open to guest posts.  Please send a draft to asexualagenda@gmail.com, and we will give feedback to help you refine it.

Link Aggregation

One of the most important features of the blog is the semi-weekly linkspam, which helps our readers connect to the larger conversation on asexuality.  If you don’t think you could write for us, but think you can find links, we’d love to have you!  Please e-mail us at asexualagenda@gmail.com, and instead of a writing sample, include 2-5 recent links that would fit in the linkspam.