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We Don’t Know if Asexuals Do or Don’t Want to Have Sex Because They Are All Queer Cats

So many people have told me “I could never date an asexual person because they don’t want sex” I’ve lost count. I often hear or see both asexual and allosexual people say aces don’t want to have sex and/or they … Continue reading

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Question of the Week: November 7th, 2017.

Do you not experience sexual attraction and desire as linked together or independently? It was tricky for me to come up with a simple way to phrase this question. The absence of a correlation is difficult to discuss, but if … Continue reading

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Autochorissexualism and Sex-Favorable Asexuality

I have a lot of feelings about the word autochorissexualism. Coined by academic Anthony F. Bogaert in 2012 to refer to a “paraphilia that is consistent with a lack of subjective sexual attraction for others and involves a ‘disconnect’ between … Continue reading

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Living as a Sex-Favourable Asexual

This post was written for the September 2015 Carnival of Aces on “Living Asexuality.” Writing about sex-favourable asexuality in AVEN’s journal AVENues was the first time I felt connected to the asexual community. I tell my friends about sex-favourable asexuality … Continue reading

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Reflections on the Use and Boundaries of Sex-Favourable Asexual as a Term

I first started thinking and writing about sex-favourable asexuality in 2012 because I needed a term to describe an alienating invisibility that I felt when in the asexual community. Since then I have begun my Masters research on conceptual frameworks … Continue reading

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