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Keep Your Acephobia Out of #MeToo Conversations, Jaclyn Friedman

Ace readers, prepare to cringe. Consider this a blanket trigger warning for the rest of this post and most of the links. To my fellow ace survivors, I hope you are taking care of yourselves, and please don’t feel that … Continue reading

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What if we treated sex like a root canal? Preliminary thoughts on sex aversion, consent, and agency

Content note: This post focuses on my situation as a sex-averse asexual woman. The discussion of sexual consent and agency has serious implications for survivors of sexual violence and others for whom sex has become a site of trauma. However, … Continue reading

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The Weight of Other People’s Relationship Expectations

This post is for the November Carnival of Aces. Expectations in relationships? It turns out it’s all about expectations. Not my expectations about what a relationship should be like, but the expectations that others might have of me. I’m sex-averse … Continue reading

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Sex-aversion, for sex-positive audiences

I’m not sex-averse, so when I think of issues relating to sex-averse aces, I mostly think of problems I’ve encountered when doing visibility work.  After all, when I do visibility work, I’m representing everyone, not just myself. So far, most … Continue reading

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Hijab as “Leave me alone; I’m not interested”

The thought of someone else finding me sexy? That made me more uncomfortable, and in retrospect I think it was because now I was being asked, in an abstract sense, to picture myself actually in a sexual situation. If I’m … Continue reading

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When the answer is always no: Sex aversion and my sex-negative feminism

This post is for the July Carnival of Aces. Content warning: Mentions of rape. I can’t pull all the threads apart, and I don’t claim to be able to. Which came first, the ex-chicken or the scrambled egg? What I … Continue reading

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