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Being Bi/Ace, Part One: Scrutiny About Attraction and the Kinsey Scale

This post is for the May 2018 Carnival of Aces on “Nuance & Complexity,” which I am hosting. Please check it out and consider submitting! Cross-posted to Prismatic Entanglements. I have some frustrations with the way that attraction is discussed … Continue reading

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Labels Versus Identities: Are We Boxed In?

I want to breach a question with all of you. I was riding backseat on a road trip recently, resting my eyes and combating moderate carsickness, when I overheard two friends carrying on a discussion up front. The driver is … Continue reading

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Ace in the Workspace: Q&A

Sharing my story about being ace in my current workplace, I didn’t anticipate the awesome discussion to follow in the comments section, and  from friends’ reactions and responses. The level of interest made me realize what should have been obvious: … Continue reading

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Bad Experiences in University (Part Three): Panel Gone Awry

At LSU, I’ve  come across people that haven’t understood or have made assumptions about asexuality that have been extremely difficult for me to deal with. In part one, I discussed an incident that occurred while I was participating in a project … Continue reading

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PTSD and Orlando

For those who follow my Tumblrs, you know that I haven’t been talking about Orlando.  In fact, I pretty much put a moratorium on the topic on my blogs; as I put it, I’m not all that interested in massively … Continue reading

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Bad Experiences in University (Part One): The Activism Committee

In my last article, I spoke about how my experiences with SpectrumLSU has helped me grow and move pass my pessimism surrounding teaching and understanding asexuality. However, my entire university experience hasn’t been easy. There are three experiences that immediately … Continue reading

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