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Journal Club: Sexual orientation in Japan

This month, the ace journal club discussed “Understanding Sexual Orientation Identity, Sexual/Romantic Attraction, and Sexual Behavior beyond Western Societies: The Case of Japan” by Daiki Hiramori & Saori Kamano (2020) https://osf.io/preprints/socarxiv/ds8at/ (preprint, freely available) The journal club meets once a … Continue reading

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Asexuality in Japan: a conversation with harris-hijiri

This interview is part of our international voices series.  If you’d be interested in contributing, check out our call for submissions and interviews. I recently had the opportunity to chat with harris-hijiri.  harris-hijiri is a native of Japan, and has … Continue reading

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Talking about (a)sexuality in Japanese

(This is a submission to the February 2013 Carnival of Aces, which is about language and communication.  You too should submit!) After I wrote about herbivore men, a couple of people in the comments section of The Asexual Agenda were asking about … Continue reading

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What’s the deal with the Japanese “herbivore men”?

One day, when I’d been in Japan for about a week and a half, I was sitting at my kitchen table, eating dinner, while my Japanese roommate (who I’ll call H) and her (Japanese) guy friend (who I’ll call J) … Continue reading

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