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Hijab as “Leave me alone; I’m not interested”

The thought of someone else finding me sexy? That made me more uncomfortable, and in retrospect I think it was because now I was being asked, in an abstract sense, to picture myself actually in a sexual situation. If I’m … Continue reading

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On being visibly Muslim and invisibly asexual (with apologies to Queenie)

What does an asexual look like? The easy answer is that an asexual can look like anything, since any type of person may be asexual. Yet the images that mainstream Western society imputes to members of certain groups may tend … Continue reading

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When deciding whether to take part is about more than just Pride

This post is for the May Carnival of Aces. Asra recalls a particularly unsavoury incident. “There was an occasion at gay pride once where one of the marchers turned around and quite crudely said ‘we didn’t know pride was allowing … Continue reading

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