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Ace in the Workspace: Q&A

Sharing my story about being ace in my current workplace, I didn’t anticipate the awesome discussion to follow in the comments section, and  from friends’ reactions and responses. The level of interest made me realize what should have been obvious: … Continue reading

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Ace in the Workspace

As an intern in the public relations agency where I now work full-time, I sat at the front desk alongside my direct supervisor. She told me a story. “Last year,” she said, “our production client had a shoot in the … Continue reading

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Should queer (and ace) people be part of workplace diversity policies?

Since starting full-time work, I have been thinking a lot about the intersection of queerness/asexuality and the workplace. In my last post I talked more specifically about coming out as ace at work and what that might entail. More recently, … Continue reading

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