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Dealing With Acephobia From Therapists, Part 1

On the heels of the flibanserin decision, many of us are concerned, and rightly so.  We’re concerned that now the new remark will be ‘I hear there’s a pill for that.’  We’re concerned that our family, and our friends, and … Continue reading

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Why You Should Care

We’ve all talked about the really bad coming-out responses here before. You know, the ones where you out yourself and people order you to go to a doctor, or ask you about your rape history, or tell you that that’s … Continue reading

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Question of the Week: July 15th, 2014

Recently, there’s been some discussion about the lack of discussion about ace relationships from aces who are in long-standing relationships. If you want to be in some sort of committed relationship but aren’t currently in one, what kinds of discussion … Continue reading

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“Am I asexual?” “Who can say?”

Recently, there’s been an asexual advice blog that’s been getting a lot of flak on my tumblr dash. I’d been ignoring tumblr in favor of other shiny things for a few weeks, so a few days ago I wandered over to … Continue reading

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Need to know?

I was reading Queenie’s recent post about not being gay this week, and I (predictably) had a lot of feelings. And I got caught up in thinking about it. What does it mean to be asexual? I spend a lot of … Continue reading

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I don’t understand dating, so I’m getting married

Recently, one of my partners and I got engaged. DOMA falling suddenly made it an option for them to emigrate to the US and live with me, and once that was a serious option on the table it quickly got … Continue reading

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I Am Not Your Sex Cheerleader

A few weeks ago, an interesting conversation kicked up on Tumblr when several people started talking about how hard it is to find sex-repulsed perspectives in the asexual community. Because I am chronically late, I feel that now would be … Continue reading

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Scripts Are a Bug, Not a Feature

A few days ago, a post calling for scripts for queerplatonic/aromantic relationships popped up on Tumblr and into my feeds. The first time I saw it, my visceral, immediate reaction was to be uncomfortable and unhappy with it. I didn’t … Continue reading

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Switching On Airplane Mode

When I saw that the theme for this month’s Carnival of Aces was doubt, I was excited. That’s because to my mind, self-doubt is one of the central components of an asexual experience as we know it. It is, after … Continue reading

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Journal Club: Freestyle!

Last week, because very few of us were available to come to journal club, we had a free-for-all discussion about asexuality and research more generally. We also discussed a New York Times article on a potential treatment for female sexual … Continue reading

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