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The search for an Asian ace masculinity

CN: This includes some discussion of sex roles and penises–from a Freudian context. I’d like to highlight an article in the latest issue of AZE that I particularly liked: “Racial Castration and Demiboy Joy“, by Daniel Yo-Ling. It discusses how … Continue reading

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Navigating Traditional Gender Roles as an Ace Guy

The gender binary is entirely a social construct, but knowing that does not spare you from dealing with its consequences. Transgender people face a multitude of social problems due to gender roles being assigned to people based on their biological … Continue reading

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Why are there so few asexual men?

In my analysis of the 2014 AVEN Survey of online asexual communities, I showed that only 12% of aces (aces = people on the asexual spectrum) are men.  The fraction of asexuals who are men is similar.*  Someone asked me … Continue reading

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A social failure

[Content note: mention of sexual assault] “It’s not because I’m too nervous to ask anyone.”  That’s what I told everybody.  Actually, I hardly told anyone, because I didn’t like to talk about it.  But I told a couple friends, and … Continue reading

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Masculinity as an invisible wall

For some time I’ve wanted to write a post about what it’s like to be ace and cis male.  But I find it difficult to talk about, because the “male experience” is so difficult to pin down for me. There … Continue reading

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