Linkspam: August 31st, 2018

Every Friday, we will share links to news, blogs, and anything else we find interesting.  We can’t catch everything, so you are invited to self-promote in the comments!

Ace Blogging

There was an article about asexuality in Breitbart.  We’re not going to link to the article itself, but there was some commentary here, here, and here.

Ace Community Activity

The Autumn 2018 issue of AVENues is out.


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Asexuality in early radical feminism, Part 1

Photo is of two people attending a table. A sign behind them says "Yea it's a heavy trip BUT! This is a chance to CHOOSE YOUR OWN label instead of having someone else do it for you: straight asexual lesbian bisexual anti-label dyke separatist ? lesbian feminist anti-sexual or whatever"
Source: Pollner, F. (1973). Lesbian dynamics. Off Our Backs, 3(6), 7-7. Retrieved from

Recently, the above photo, dated to 1973, was dug up by some fine folks on tumblr. The photo comes from an event called “Lesbian/Feminist Dialogue” at Barnard College. The article accompanying it also refers to a workshop about asexuality, and an asexual manifesto distributed by the New York Radical Feminists:

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Question of the Week: August 21st, 2018.

How do you feel watching kissing or sex on TV?

I was watching a TV show the other day when a character walked into a bar and grabbed a girl and kissed her really deeply and I do not relate to this at all.

I just… I can’t understand what the appeal is.  I don’t actually mind kissing that much but when I see kissing like that it just seems super alien.

Sex scenes can go either way.  Either they just feel weird and supercilious or I am fascinated by the logistics of them.

How do things like this make you feel?



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Question of the Week: August 14th, 2018.

Would you ever consider being in a long distance relationship?

I’m used to long distance relationships but I want my next partner to be local. My furthest ex lives eight hours away by car. The ex I dated the longest moved an hour away after we’d been dating for a year. It’s been very rare that I date people who live under twenty minutes away and I forget this is actually the norm for many people.

Lately I ask online prospective dates how far away they live from me within the first few messages. If it’s not under thirty minutes I thank them for chatting and say it doesn’t work for me. My method works because even though I am very discerning, I usually date allo people and have a lot of options. I know how hard it is to meet local aces and I wonder if people who only date other aces or want a qpr would be more open to long distance out of practicality.

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Linkspam: August 10th, 2018

Every Friday, we will share links to news, blogs, and anything else we find interesting.  We can’t catch everything, so you are invited to self-promote in the comments!

Ace Blogging

Sennkestra hypothesized that microlabels are derived from the Tumblr tagging system.

Ace Community Activity

There’s been a bunch of discussion of aromantic history over on Tumblr.

News & Outreach

Buzzfeed ran an article about asexual sexual assault survivors.

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Question of the Week: August 7th, 2018.

Would you/have you talked to the media about asexuality?

I would be quite happy to share my own experiences of being asexual, and my understanding of the variety of asexual experiences, but I realise that not everyone would, and I’m curious the reasons others might not.

Are you uncomfortable because it’s a personal topic?  Are you worried it will end up misrepresented? Any and all thoughts welcome.



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Carnival of Aces: Then and Now

The Carnival of Aces for July has been posted on WUT.  The theme was “Then and Now“.  Please take a look!

The next Carnival of Aces is being hosted by Demisexual and Proud.  The theme for August is “Stages of Coming Out”.  Get your submissions in before the end of the month!

Note that the Carnival of Aces is hosted by volunteers.  If you would like to volunteer, please see the masterpost for instructions.

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