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“That Stinking Feeling”: An Ace Analysis

The process of experiencing sexual attraction is more than just a feeling. You start with a feeling, yes, but then there’s the matter of matching your feelings to the words based on cultural knowledge, cobbled together from a variety of … Continue reading

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The sexual recession: An ace perspective

I’ve written many articles for various blogs, and there are a few that I published elsewhere that I wish I had also published on The Asexual Agenda. I’m going to slowly repost these here.  This article was published in 2018, … Continue reading

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Sexual violence in two asexual short films

cn: Discussion of sexual violence, particularly coercion Recently, we saw the release of the asexual short film, It’s Not You, It’s Not Me (cn: sex and sexual coercion), about an allo-ace couple. Judging by the response on AVEN, reception from … Continue reading

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A Spooky Reflection on Amatonormativity

With Halloween approaching, I find myself reflecting not just on the traditional horrors of the season but also that of amatonormativity. As a teenager, my best friend and I loved watching horror movies and, perhaps even more, we loved writing … Continue reading

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Take it from a sex-favorable ace: you don’t need to have sex

cn: sexual violence “Competing issues” Over the last decade, online ace communities awoke to the fact that some aces can have and enjoy sex. The term “sex-favorable” was coined in 2013 to describe aces who are willing to have sex.  … Continue reading

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Keep Your Acephobia Out of #MeToo Conversations, Jaclyn Friedman

Ace readers, prepare to cringe. Consider this a blanket trigger warning for the rest of this post and most of the links. To my fellow ace survivors, I hope you are taking care of yourselves, and please don’t feel that … Continue reading

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Autochorissexualism and Sex-Favorable Asexuality

I have a lot of feelings about the word autochorissexualism. Coined by academic Anthony F. Bogaert in 2012 to refer to a “paraphilia that is consistent with a lack of subjective sexual attraction for others and involves a ‘disconnect’ between … Continue reading

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Book Review: Rachel Hills, The Sex Myth

There aren’t many books out there that are a) about sex and sexuality, and b) ace-friendly. So when I first came across Australian journalist Rachel Hill’s book The Sex Myth: The Gap Between Our Fantasies and Reality last year, I … Continue reading

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What is normal: An analytic approach

In an earlier post, I touched on a particular problem: not only do I not conform to what is “normal”, it is far from clear what “normal” is, or if “normal” even exists. I think this is particularly a problem … Continue reading

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Asexuality and the Relationship Escalator

Written for the January 2016 Carnival of Aces, on the theme of ‘relationship stages.’ One of the concepts that I often use or reference when writing about asexuality and relationships is the relationship escalator. It’s a concept that I’ve mainly … Continue reading

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