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græ tells painfully familiar stories

Content Warnings: The lyrics of græ include many references to suicide. One song (“Cut Me”) is directly about self-harm. Another (“Two dogs”) describes in graphical detail the traumatic memory of the deaths of two dogs. The cover contains mild nudity. … Continue reading

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How not to talk about aromanticism

It’s Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week! It’s a week to send all your positivity and affirmation towards aromantic spectrum people. But I’m not much for positivity, so instead I’m going to take a critical look at an article I saw last … Continue reading

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In which I get married

Part 1: In which I have a cough I graduated a couple years ago. I wrote a dissertation about time-resolved experiments on high-temperature superconductors. I am done with physics. I am switching careers. Throughout my PhD, I suffered from long-lived … Continue reading

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Those magic words, “I love you”

This article was written for the Carnival of Aros, this month themed on “Love”. There’s a scene in the movie Scott Pilgrim vs the World where Knives says to Scott, “I’m… I’m in… LOVE”. The word “LOVE” gets spelled out … Continue reading

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We need to talk about straight aces

I’m continuing my series on “The Discourse”, that big flame war that occurs on Tumblr regarding the inclusion of aces in LGBTQ spaces. I wish to strip away euphemism, so I’m calling it “The Ace Flame War” rather than “The … Continue reading

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Aro complaints about ace communities

When I started keeping tabs on the aro community on Tumblr, and I saw many complaints about ace communities.  I think it’s important that ace communities are made aware of these complaints, so I offered to publicize any complaints that … Continue reading

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“No romo”: An overanalysis

“No romo” is an aromantic meme, a play on an older expression, “no homo”. “No romo” is often used as a jokey hashtag, or an art motif, and usually there’s not enough context to give it further meaning. It’s mostly … Continue reading

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