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Aro complaints about ace communities

When I started keeping tabs on the aro community on Tumblr, and I saw many complaints about ace communities.  I think it’s important that ace communities are made aware of these complaints, so I offered to publicize any complaints that … Continue reading

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“No romo”: An overanalysis

“No romo” is an aromantic meme, a play on an older expression, “no homo”. “No romo” is often used as a jokey hashtag, or an art motif, and usually there’s not enough context to give it further meaning. It’s mostly … Continue reading

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Umbrella erosion

In Coyote’s timeline of “quoiromantic”, there’s a certain conflict that persisted for many years. Cor, who coined “quoiromantic”, has repeatedly asserted a broad meaning, as in “What even is romantic orientation?” Nonetheless, there has been a persistent misconception that it … Continue reading

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Trying to Define ‘Romantic’

This is a guestpost by demiandproud. Hi, I’m a demisexual Dutchwoman who’s identified as such since her mid-twenties. I toyed with adopting a romantic orientation label for a long time while figuring out how attraction works for me. In the … Continue reading

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Splitting the Split Attraction Model

The Split Attraction Model (SAM) is a model that says that people’s attractions/orientations can be split into multiple components, such as “sexual”, “romantic”, “platonic”, “sensual”, and so on.  Everyone agrees that the SAM model has issues and is not inclusive … Continue reading

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Let’s use this Aro/Ace bridge

As you know, this February was the very first month of the Carnival of Aros, and it started with a joint event with the Carnival of Aces on the theme of “The relationship between the aro and ace communities“.  The … Continue reading

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Aro-ish: Permanent Questioning & the Aromantic Community

This post was written for the Carnival of Aces & Aros. The Carnival of Aros is a new sister project that will be separate from the long-running Carnival of Aces, but just to kick off its first round, The Ace … Continue reading

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