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Attraction and emotional granularity

This article was written for the Carnival of Aces themed on “Nuance & Complexity“. It is being cross-posted to my other blog, A Trivial Knot. Asexuality is chiefly about noticing a distinction between the emotions you perceive in other people, … Continue reading

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Academic approaches to asexuality

I’d like us to talk in this post about academic publications on asexuality, the variety of approaches they may adopt and the value they may have to the ace community. Continue reading

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Autochorissexualism and Sex-Favorable Asexuality

I have a lot of feelings about the word autochorissexualism. Coined by academic Anthony F. Bogaert in 2012 to refer to a “paraphilia that is consistent with a lack of subjective sexual attraction for others and involves a ‘disconnect’ between … Continue reading

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Historical Asexuals: A political dilemma

Sometimes, it’s fun to look back at history and find some one who just might have been asexual.  My personal favorite is Nikola Tesla, if only because he was a physicist, and also the subject of a certain Kate Beaton … Continue reading

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Paper: Asexuality in China’s Sexual Revolution

Content warning: Medicalization of asexuality and comparison to abuse. It’s well-known that English asexual communities are dominated by people in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.  This blog has made minimal efforts to include voices from other countries, but one … Continue reading

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Why are there so few asexual men?

In my analysis of the 2014 AVEN Survey of online asexual communities, I showed that only 12% of aces (aces = people on the asexual spectrum) are men.  The fraction of asexuals who are men is similar.*  Someone asked me … Continue reading

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Some Reflections on Working on Asexuality in Academia as an Asexual Person

In the summer between the third and fourth year of my Bachelors I vowed to read every academic article that had ever been published on asexuality. I wanted to know what academics were telling other people about me, but that quickly … Continue reading

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