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Ace Tropes: Drawing the No-Sex Line

Sara K. blogs at The Notes Which Do Not Fit, and has written a number of book reviews of asexual fiction.  She is continuing the ace tropes series, albeit with more of a focus on books. Note: this post discusses sexual consent. Ilsa summoned … Continue reading

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Ace Tropes: The Allo/Ace Romance

This is part of a series on tropes in webcomics with ace characters. To link or follow this series, please use the “ace webcomic tropes” tag on this blog. In the previous post, I covered the Queer Ensemble, which is … Continue reading

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Bad Experiences in University (Part Two): Dating While Asexual

While in university, I’ve come across people that haven’t understood or have made assumptions about asexuality that have been extremely difficult for me to deal with. In part one, I discussed an incident that occurred while I was participating in … Continue reading

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Asexuality and the Relationship Escalator

Written for the January 2016 Carnival of Aces, on the theme of ‘relationship stages.’ One of the concepts that I often use or reference when writing about asexuality and relationships is the relationship escalator. It’s a concept that I’ve mainly … Continue reading

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Which expectations am I confounding?

This essay was written for the Carnival of Aces, which is this month themed on “relationship stages”. There are strong cultural norms regarding the proper trajectory of a romantic relationship. In my mind, they start with initiation: one person asks … Continue reading

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Updating the Map: Romantic Attraction and Friendship vs. Romance

This post is for the October 2015 Carnival of Aces. The theme is aromanticism and the aromantic spectrum. Cross-posted to Prismatic Entanglements. Until relatively recently, I never considered whether I might be on the aromantic spectrum. It was patently obvious … Continue reading

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The Five Factor Model of Relationships

This post was written for the May 2015 Carnival of Aces, which is on the topic of Identity, Labels, and Models.  I think I went in a bit of a different direction than most of the other submissions, but hopefully … Continue reading

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