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On (my own) excessive PDA

This is a submission to the Carnival of Aces, whose theme is “Second Chance at any Past Topic“. This may be considered a response to “Touch, Sensuality, and Non-sexual Intimacy” or “Kissing, Handholding, Bed-sharing, etc.“. I have a confession: I … Continue reading

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In which I get married

Part 1: In which I have a cough I graduated a couple years ago. I wrote a dissertation about time-resolved experiments on high-temperature superconductors. I am done with physics. I am switching careers. Throughout my PhD, I suffered from long-lived … Continue reading

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When unimportant relationships are important

Recently, I wrote about my experience not forming close friendships. That’s not strictly speaking true–sometimes I do form some close friendships, but I tend to be uncommitted to them, and I often value friend networks over individual friendships. Now I’d … Continue reading

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I don’t make close friends

What is a friend? In ace communities, most of the time when we’re talking about friendships, it’s in order to differentiate it from other kinds of relationships, such as romantic or queerplatonic relationships. Of course, this puts a strong emphasis … Continue reading

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I’m not enthusiastic about enthusiastic consent

This is an article I’m cross-posting from my own blog.  I wrote it with allo audiences in mind, but decided it’s good here too. In my guide to sexual violence terminology, I mention that “enthusiastic consent” is an unpopular model … Continue reading

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Being grayromantic and not talking about it

This was written for this month’s blogging carnival on the theme of “The relationship between the aro and ace communities“.  Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week is also next week. Some time last year, I mentioned offhand to my then-fiance that I … Continue reading

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Once You Get What You Want…

One reason I have taken an active role in the asexual community is because I want asexuality to “go mainstream.” That is, not only would asexuality have the same visibility as other orientations but also letting people of all orientations … Continue reading

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Building a Mosaic from a Shattered Future

This post is for the April 2018 Carnival of Aces (“All the birds but us…”). Cross-posted to Prismatic Entanglements. Content Note: contains a brief mention of sexual assault, and discussion of the impact of trauma on relationships.

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Question of the Week: April 10th, 2018.

How do you know if you want to be in a relationship with someone? In Siggy’s recent post on gay coming out stories he writes that while crushes are a big part of coming to realize you are gay narratives … Continue reading

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Question of the Week: December 5th, 2017.

Are you monogamous, polyamorous, nonmonogamous, polyfidelitous, or something else or in between?  My first experience with polyamory was on AVEN almost ten years ago. I was dating an allosexual person and I remember a fellow ace on the forums told … Continue reading

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