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Welcome to our new contributors!

The Asexual Agenda has two new contributors: Maddy is an asexual aromantic non-binary that’s still just trying to figure it all out. They’re an American born Canadian studying Creative Writing in England (yes, they’re aware that’s a lot of countries) and … Continue reading

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Reminder: You could write for The Asexual Agenda!

Now that 2020 has begun, I would like to remind everybody that The Asexual Agenda is always open to new contributors.  Although I was the only active writer for most of 2019, we’re intended to be a group blog, we … Continue reading

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The Asexual Agenda is open to contributors

Longtime readers know that the blog periodically accepts applications for new contributors.  We have decided to switch to a model where applications are accepted all year round.  If you are interested in applying, please see our “Write for us” page, … Continue reading

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Extended deadline for contributor applications

Several weeks ago, we announced that we were looking for new contributors to help maintain the linkspam, or to write articles.  I am now extending the deadline to April 5th. Why are we extending the deadline?  Quite simply, we don’t … Continue reading

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Looking for Asexual Agenda Contributors

The Asexual Agenda is looking for people to maintain the linkspam.  Additionally, we are looking for people to write articles. The Asexual Agenda is a blog written by ace-spectrum people, for ace-spectrum people, seeking to go beyond the basics. One … Continue reading

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Introducing: the Carnival of Aros

By Siggy & Sennkestra, mirrored here TL;DR: A blogging carnival is a regularly occurring event that collects submissions from bloggers and other creators on a single topic.  One example is The Asexual Agenda’s Carnival of Aces. Now, we are excited … Continue reading

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Nominate blogs for the blogroll

I recently updated our blogroll on the sidebar, as well as our 101 resources page. To help us further update the blogroll, please nominate any blogs you would like to see there.  The blogs must have original content about the … Continue reading

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