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Ostensive definitions for queer experiences

I’ve written many articles for various blogs, and there are a few that I chose not to publish on The Asexual Agenda because they seemed a bit off-topic, but which I now wish had published here. I’m going to slowly … Continue reading

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Autochorissexual: A sesquipedalian examination

Asexual, gray-A, and demisexual are three “canonical” groups of the ace spectrum, the three categories that get mentioned when you want to enumerate the kinds of aces. But that’s not really all there is to it. There are numerous other … Continue reading

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Labels must be allowed to die

On Glossaries Have you ever seen one of those asexual or aromantic glossaries?  If not, I have many examples in the footnotes!1  These glossaries often serve as repositories for all the identity terms that one person or another has advocated … Continue reading

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The Biology Definition of Asexuality May Have More Impact on the Sexual Orientation Than We Think

For a long time I assumed there was a chasm between asexuality as a scientific term and as a sexual orientation identity; the words were separate and the gap between them unbreachable. Asexuality meant one thing in biology textbooks and … Continue reading

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“No romo”: An overanalysis

“No romo” is an aromantic meme, a play on an older expression, “no homo”. “No romo” is often used as a jokey hashtag, or an art motif, and usually there’s not enough context to give it further meaning. It’s mostly … Continue reading

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Umbrella erosion

In Coyote’s timeline of “quoiromantic”, there’s a certain conflict that persisted for many years. Cor, who coined “quoiromantic”, has repeatedly asserted a broad meaning, as in “What even is romantic orientation?” Nonetheless, there has been a persistent misconception that it … Continue reading

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Trying to Define ‘Romantic’

This is a guestpost by demiandproud. Hi, I’m a demisexual Dutchwoman who’s identified as such since her mid-twenties. I toyed with adopting a romantic orientation label for a long time while figuring out how attraction works for me. In the … Continue reading

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6 terms that have been redefined by aces

From the very beginning, ace communities have created their own words to describe and talk about our experiences. In some cases, we take previously existing words, and use them in a way that effectively redefines them. This can occasionally lead … Continue reading

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Being vs Identifying as

This article is being cross-posted to my blog, A Trivial Knot. In modern philosophy, there is a thing called a performative speech act. That’s when you do things by saying things. For example if I say, “I apologize,” it is … Continue reading

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Autochorissexualism and Sex-Favorable Asexuality

I have a lot of feelings about the word autochorissexualism. Coined by academic Anthony F. Bogaert in 2012 to refer to a “paraphilia that is consistent with a lack of subjective sexual attraction for others and involves a ‘disconnect’ between … Continue reading

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