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A whirlwind history of asexual communities

I’ve seen plenty of people lament the lack of ace history. But in theory, “we” know plenty about ace history, it’s just that that knowledge doesn’t seem to propagate widely. There are some ace history buffs, especially sennkestra, coyote, Ace … Continue reading

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I hate “A is not for Ally”

When I first identified as asexual, I did not know a single other asexual person IRL, for over a year. There were no ace meetups in my city, despite being one of the largest in the US. I started going … Continue reading

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Lisa Orlando, Author of The Asexual Manifesto (1972)

This “Manifesto” is not the last word on asexuality: it is only a beginning. -Lisa Orlando, The Asexual Manifesto, 1972 Last year, someone discovered a photo from 1973 that included a sign mentioning asexuals. The photo appeared in an article … Continue reading

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Terrible graphs of orientation

It used to be one of distinctive features of ace communities, that we really liked drawing graphs. Oh so many graphs, more than I can include. The graphs were painful, and we liked the pain. It’s fallen out of fashion … Continue reading

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Paper: On the Racialization of Asexuality

I borrowed a copy of Asexualities: Feminist and Queer Perspectives, which is an anthology of scholarly articles published in 2014.  Sennkestra wanted to write summaries of each chapter, but ran out of time, so now I’m doing that.  For the … Continue reading

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A brief history of A Carnival of Aces

This month, the theme of the Carnival of Aces is the carnival itself. As someone who has been around since the Carnival started, and who has managed it for most of its lifetime, I’d like to explain its history. It’s … Continue reading

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Once You Get What You Want…

One reason I have taken an active role in the asexual community is because I want asexuality to “go mainstream.” That is, not only would asexuality have the same visibility as other orientations but also letting people of all orientations … Continue reading

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Asexuality in early radical feminism, Part 2

In the first part of this series, I discussed asexuality in early radical feminism, in the late 60s and early 70s, focusing on two cases: Valerie Solanas, and Cell 16.  We found the word “asexual” being used in unfamiliar ways, … Continue reading

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Asexuality in early radical feminism, Part 1

Source: Pollner, F. (1973). Lesbian dynamics. Off Our Backs, 3(6), 7-7. Retrieved from Recently, the above photo, dated to 1973, was dug up by some fine folks on tumblr. The photo comes from an event called “Lesbian/Feminist Dialogue” at … Continue reading

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