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Introducing: the Carnival of Aros

By Siggy & Sennkestra, mirrored here TL;DR: A blogging carnival is a regularly occurring event that collects submissions from bloggers and other creators on a single topic.  One example is The Asexual Agenda’s Carnival of Aces. Now, we are excited … Continue reading

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A slow-burner

This article was written for the Carnival of Aces, whose theme this month is “Burnout”. I have also cross-posted it to my other blog. I think I might experience burnout differently from the rest of you, and that’s why I’m … Continue reading

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Looking back and looking forward on our 5th anniversary

The Asexual Agenda was founded five years ago today.  To celebrate, we held a discussion about our blog, ace blogging, and ace communities in general. Siggy: I am the only remaining founding member of The Asexual Agenda, so I’ll start … Continue reading

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Many Forms of Resistance

This post was written for the February 2017 Carnival of Aces on Resistance, Activism, and Self-Care. My undergraduate Environmental Politics class was many years ago, but I still vividly remember my Teaching Assistant saying you need to read the newspaper … Continue reading

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PTSD and Orlando

For those who follow my Tumblrs, you know that I haven’t been talking about Orlando.  In fact, I pretty much put a moratorium on the topic on my blogs; as I put it, I’m not all that interested in massively … Continue reading

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Asexuality, Writing, and Burnout

A year ago, I wrote a post announcing that I wanted to make 2015 The Year of Writing about Asexuality for Muslims. Over the course of the following nine months, I wrote ten essays for Muslim sites about asexuality, as … Continue reading

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Blog Rants: The Early Ace Blogosphere

This post is part of a series; you can view the masterpost here. It also fits the theme of the July Carnival of Aces on Asexual History, although it’s slightly late! Previously, I contextualized my personal history with both blogging … Continue reading

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