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Reject alcohol sponsorship

Recently, Budweiser UK announced its “Fly the Flag” campaign, which aims to support LGBT+ diversity by highlighting nine specific groups. For each group, they’re offering money to an associated charity, and are releasing a limited edition cup with a flag … Continue reading

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Splitting the Split Attraction Model

The Split Attraction Model (SAM) is a model that says that people’s attractions/orientations can be split into multiple components, such as “sexual”, “romantic”, “platonic”, “sensual”, and so on.  Everyone agrees that the SAM model has issues and is not inclusive … Continue reading

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Ace exclusionists and gender

Recently, I expressed a desire to talk about “The Discourse”, that big flame war that occurs on Tumblr regarding the inclusion of aces in LGBT spaces. I wish to strip away euphemism, so I’m going to switch to calling it … Continue reading

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Let’s use this Aro/Ace bridge

As you know, this February was the very first month of the Carnival of Aros, and it started with a joint event with the Carnival of Aces on the theme of “The relationship between the aro and ace communities“.  The … Continue reading

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The Ace Discourse, viewed from afar

One of the reasons I think The Asexual Agenda has declined in relevance, is that we never really addressed The Discourse. By “The Discourse” I refer to the ongoing flame war that has consumed ace communities on Tumblr. To learn … Continue reading

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Asexuality as a hard limit (or: the cat is dead)

Content warnings: discussion of abuse (with a few examples given, including one having to do with food restriction) and boundary violation, discussion of anti-sex-averse sentiment, mention of sexual violence, animal death in the context of a metaphor In the past few … Continue reading

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Take it from a sex-favorable ace: you don’t need to have sex

cn: sexual violence “Competing issues” Over the last decade, online ace communities awoke to the fact that some aces can have and enjoy sex. The term “sex-favorable” was coined in 2013 to describe aces who are willing to have sex.  … Continue reading

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