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Ace in the Workspace: Q&A

Sharing my story about being ace in my current workplace, I didn’t anticipate the awesome discussion to follow in the comments section, and  from friends’ reactions and responses. The level of interest made me realize what should have been obvious: … Continue reading

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Question of the Week: May 9th, 2017.

When someone tells you they’re ace do you assume they’re out/open about it or closeted if they don’t give you any more information? Do you make a point of telling people if being ace is a private part of your … Continue reading

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Models of Pride: How Can We Teach Asexuality to Children?

For the weekend of Asexual Awareness Week, I volunteered at an event in Los Angeles called Models of Pride. Students and kids of all ages, their parents and volunteers came to the conference to learn more about the LGBTQ* community. … Continue reading

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My Islam is Queer

This post is for the May Carnival of Aces. I first became fascinated by Islam in the summer of 1994. I remember spending many afternoons in the university bookstore, lurking by the Religion shelves, at one point poring over English … Continue reading

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Narratives of Aromanticism (vs personal experience)

A while ago, I wrote a post on my personal blog about my experience of being an aromantic asexual in a relationship. As various people in the ace community have noted at various times (for instance here, here and here) … Continue reading

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What is normal: An analytic approach

In an earlier post, I touched on a particular problem: not only do I not conform to what is “normal”, it is far from clear what “normal” is, or if “normal” even exists. I think this is particularly a problem … Continue reading

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The gathering at the gates

This is the third and final part of a short series advocating for a more ambiguous definition of asexuality.  See part 1 and part 2. Start with a metaphor.  You’re trying to get into a party.  You’ve heard mixed things … Continue reading

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