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Aro complaints about ace communities

When I started keeping tabs on the aro community on Tumblr, and I saw many complaints about ace communities.  I think it’s important that ace communities are made aware of these complaints, so I offered to publicize any complaints that … Continue reading

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The weird world of asexuality Google Alerts

One of the ways I find stories to put into our linkspam, is Google Alerts. Given any search query, Google Alerts will send you daily links to new content appearing on the web. Only a small fraction of these links … Continue reading

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Queer spaces don’t work like that

I’d like to continue my series on “The Discourse”, that big flame war that occurs on Tumblr regarding the inclusion of aces in LGBTQ spaces. I wish to strip away euphemism, so I’m calling it “The Ace Flame War” rather … Continue reading

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Lisa Orlando, Author of The Asexual Manifesto (1972)

This “Manifesto” is not the last word on asexuality: it is only a beginning. -Lisa Orlando, The Asexual Manifesto, 1972 Last year, someone discovered a photo from 1973 that included a sign mentioning asexuals. The photo appeared in an article … Continue reading

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Labels must be allowed to die

On Glossaries Have you ever seen one of those asexual or aromantic glossaries?  If not, I have many examples in the footnotes!1  These glossaries often serve as repositories for all the identity terms that one person or another has advocated … Continue reading

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The Asexual Agenda is open to contributors

Longtime readers know that the blog periodically accepts applications for new contributors.  We have decided to switch to a model where applications are accepted all year round.  If you are interested in applying, please see our “Write for us” page, … Continue reading

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The Biology Definition of Asexuality May Have More Impact on the Sexual Orientation Than We Think

For a long time I assumed there was a chasm between asexuality as a scientific term and as a sexual orientation identity; the words were separate and the gap between them unbreachable. Asexuality meant one thing in biology textbooks and … Continue reading

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