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Ethical Perfectionism

Lately I have been struggling with “ethical perfectionism” with my aspec content. It’s like regular perfectionism where it’s hard to start and then it’s hard to finish, but with the fun twist of using ethics to justify the behavior. Afterall, … Continue reading

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Welcome Char

Please join me in welcoming Char, the newest contributor to The Asexual Agenda! Their profile is below: CharCharChar is an aplatonic asexual aromantic agender reader and writer. They like to make lists (Evidence: Aspec Databases, Lists, and Resources) and are fascinated … Continue reading

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The weight of other priorities

In 2006, there was a television documentary titled The Root of All Evil? It was presented by Richard Dawkins, and the title refers, of course, to religion. Dawkins didn’t like the title, and thought it was ridiculous to say that … Continue reading

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Journal Club: Asexuality and Disability

Last month, the ace journal club discussed “Asexuality and Disability: Mutual Negation in Adams v Rice and New Directions for Coalition Building” by Kristina Gupta, Chapter 13 of Asexualities: Feminist and Queer Perspectives, edited by KJ Cerankowski and Megan Milks … Continue reading

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The allo aro intersection matters

Last month, there was an incident where a prominent ace blogger very publicly questioned whether “allo aro” should be seen as an empowering label. This caused a furor among aro bloggers, and even the author deleted the post because they … Continue reading

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Interview with Angela Chen, Author of “Ace: What Asexuality Reveals about Desire, Society, and the Meaning of Sex”

We speak to author Angela Chen about what it was like to write a book about asexuality, and what she learned in the process. Continue reading

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Journal Club: Growing into Asexuality

Last month, the ace journal club discussed “Growing into Asexuality: The Queer Erotics of Childhood”, Chapter 3 of Asexual Erotics: Intimate Readings of Compulsory Sexuality by Ela Przybylo (2019). You can access a copy of this book here.  Our discussion notes … Continue reading

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Increasing Accessibility Part 1: Virtual Meetups

This is a post for the August 2020 Carnival of Aces. It is cross-posted to Prismatic Entanglements. What am I hoping to get out of the ace community? In a word, accessibility. I mean that in a broad sense: accessibility … Continue reading

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Book Review: Let’s Talk About Love by Claire Kahn (New Adult)

Let’s Talk About Love is one of the most well known books with an asexual main character. Alice, our main character, is a black, asexual, biromantic, 19 year old freshman in college learning to live by herself for the first … Continue reading

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The split attraction model does not harm questioning youth

This article is part of a series in which I address criticisms of the Split Attraction Model (or SAM). See the masterpost for my reasons writing this series, and a brief discussion of my issues with the phrase “split attraction … Continue reading

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