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Quarantine? – Sounds Like Normal to Me

This is a guest post submitted by Rachel for the Carnival of Aces this month. Content Warning: my usual level of weapons-grade bitterness, vague discussion of social isolation The prompt this month is about the quarantine for COVID-19, decidedly not … Continue reading

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græ tells painfully familiar stories

Content Warnings: The lyrics of græ include many references to suicide. One song (“Cut Me”) is directly about self-harm. Another (“Two dogs”) describes in graphical detail the traumatic memory of the deaths of two dogs. The cover contains mild nudity. … Continue reading

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Ace Day was incompetently organized

Did you know that Ace Day was on May 8th?  No?  Or perhaps you knew, but only learned that fact on the day it happened?  You aren’t alone.  Most people, if they found out all, discovered this on the day … Continue reading

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May 2020 Carnival of Aces Call for Submissions: “Quarantine”

Hi everyone, and welcome to the Carnival of Aces for May 2020. This is a monthly event for ace bloggers, where we accept submissions on a theme, and then post a roundup. In case you missed it, the roundup for … Continue reading

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Sexual violence in two asexual short films

cn: Discussion of sexual violence, particularly coercion Recently, we saw the release of the asexual short film, It’s Not You, It’s Not Me (cn: sex and sexual coercion), about an allo-ace couple. Judging by the response on AVEN, reception from … Continue reading

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IRL Ace Meetups… Online

My whole area just ordered everyone to shelter in place, to slow the spread of COVID-19.  No matter where you live, you could find yourself in a similar situation soon, if you’re not there already. Naturally, IRL ace meetups will … Continue reading

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How not to talk about aromanticism

It’s Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week! It’s a week to send all your positivity and affirmation towards aromantic spectrum people. But I’m not much for positivity, so instead I’m going to take a critical look at an article I saw last … Continue reading

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The Echoed No To Sex: Consent And Multiplicity

Crossposted to my Pillowfort. These days, there is a steadily-growing body of discussion around asexuality and mental health[1]. Over the past decade or so, the topic has recieved some much-needed attention. The relationship between neuroatypicality – particularly autism – and … Continue reading

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We’re Bad at Understanding Behavior Based on What We’ve Never Experienced

This is for the January 2020 Carnival of Aces: “Conscious and Unconscious Difference” In articles describing people’s personal journeys towards identifying as ace, a common theme is ‘I thought other people around me were having sex mainly because of peer … Continue reading

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The Ace Case: On Going Undercover

We all know the vocabulary lesson that happens every time we tell someone our sexuality. ‘What’s that mean?’ ‘I’ve never heard of it’ ‘you mean like how plants reproduce?’ It gets exhausting pretty quickly, and I’ve discovered that sometimes I … Continue reading

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