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Asexual Muslim resistance, activism, and self care: Creating Change 2017 and me

This post is for the February Carnival of Aces. Author note: I originally intended to write this post soon after I got back from Creating Change a month ago. However, thanks to the start of my spring term Arabic classes … Continue reading

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Resistance, Activism, & Self-Care: Submission by Valkyrie

This is a guest submission for the February 2017 Carnival of Aces on “Resistance, Activism, & Self-Care” by Valkyrie. Valkyrie loves reading and drawing. You can reach her at (@indigosworkshop) on Instagram.

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Ace Tropes: The Ace Explanation

This is part of a series on tropes in webcomics with ace characters. To link or follow this series, please use the “ace webcomic tropes” tag on this blog. How do you know when a character is ace? If you’re … Continue reading

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How we talk about asexuality: reflections on workshop structure

Most of you have probably seen at least one workshop about asexuality. Either you saw it at a conference, or there was one held for Asexual Awareness Week, or maybe you just watched one online. However, you might not have … Continue reading

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Bad Experiences in University (Part One): The Activism Committee

In my last article, I spoke about how my experiences with SpectrumLSU has helped me grow and move pass my pessimism surrounding teaching and understanding asexuality. However, my entire university experience hasn’t been easy. There are three experiences that immediately … Continue reading

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Narratives of Aromanticism (vs personal experience)

A while ago, I wrote a post on my personal blog about my experience of being an aromantic asexual in a relationship. As various people in the ace community have noted at various times (for instance here, here and here) … Continue reading

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Ace Survivors as Rhetorical Devices (part four): Avoiding Using Ace Survivors Rhetorically

This series can be read on The Asexual Agenda, Resources for Ace Survivors, and Concept Awesome. Trigger warnings: discussion of sexual violence, including corrective rape and CSA, although nothing specific; policing of survivors’ reactions to sexual violence.  If you think … Continue reading

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