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Elizabeth is an American starving artist creative type who is often mistaken for a lesbian, due to the fact that she is more-or-less engaged to a lady. She is actually panromantic, asexual, and polyamorous. She is formally trained in creative writing with a focus on non-fiction and poetry, and amateurishly designs websites. She has a blog called Prismatic Entanglements, where she mostly writes long-winded personal essays and social criticism. In her spare time, she enjoys coming up with new Pokemon strategies and never going to church.

The Implausibility of Offline Meetups, and Idle Dreams for the Future

This post is for the July 2017 Carnival of Aces, the topic of which is “Ace-ing it up offline.” It has been cross-posted to Prismatic Entanglements. I live in an area with very little (visible) ace presence. Although I have … Continue reading

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February 2017 Carnival of Aces: Resistance, Activism, & Self-Care

The February 2017 Carnival of Aces shone a spotlight on “Resistance, Activism, & Self-Care.” Here are the entries we received:

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Losing Access to Therapy, Quietly Resisting Anyway

This (slightly late) post is for the February 2017 Carnival of Aces on Resistance, Activism, and Self-Care. Cross-posted to Prismatic Entanglements. Content warnings: familial rejection, trauma, emotional abuse, anti-PTSD ableism and victim-blaming, bad therapists and lack of access to therapy, anti-atheist … Continue reading

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Resistance, Activism, & Self-Care: Submission by Valkyrie

This is a guest submission for the February 2017 Carnival of Aces on “Resistance, Activism, & Self-Care” by Valkyrie. Valkyrie loves reading and drawing. You can reach her at (@indigosworkshop) on Instagram.

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February 2017 Carnival of Aces Call for Submissions

The Carnival of Aces is a monthly blog carnival event for the asexual community that has been ongoing since 2011. Basically: people write blog posts (or may vlog instead) about a specific topic, chosen by the host. At the end … Continue reading

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Updating the Map: Romantic Attraction and Friendship vs. Romance

This post is for the October 2015 Carnival of Aces. The theme is aromanticism and the aromantic spectrum. Cross-posted to Prismatic Entanglements. Until relatively recently, I never considered whether I might be on the aromantic spectrum. It was patently obvious … Continue reading

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Responsible Sharing: When to Avoid Linking a Survivor’s Story

Cross-posted to Resources for Ace Survivors. This post is meant to be a companion to Queenie’s series on using asexual survivors as rhetorical devices, fleshing out some guidelines for responsible sharing of ace survivors’ stories. Warning: contains mentions of corrective … Continue reading

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