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About Maddy

Maddy is an asexual aromantic non-binary that’s still just trying to figure it all out. They’re an American born Canadian studying Creative Writing in England (yes, they’re aware that’s a lot of countries) and a huge book nerd who strives for greater representation in the kinds of media they hope to produce someday. For now, they’ll shout out into the void of the internet and hope someone is out there listening.

Book Review: Let’s Talk About Love by Claire Kahn (New Adult)

Let’s Talk About Love is one of the most well known books with an asexual main character. Alice, our main character, is a black, asexual, biromantic, 19 year old freshman in college learning to live by herself for the first … Continue reading

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The Ace Case: On Going Undercover

We all know the vocabulary lesson that happens every time we tell someone our sexuality. ‘What’s that mean?’ ‘I’ve never heard of it’ ‘you mean like how plants reproduce?’ It gets exhausting pretty quickly, and I’ve discovered that sometimes I … Continue reading

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