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Smrf is a grayromantic demisexual who has a B.A. in anthropology. Basically she runs around the country and digs holes for a living. In her off time she blogs about asexuality-related issues at her blog kinkyasexuals (which exists on both Tumblr and WordPress), and also does workshops at conventions about Asexuals in BDSM. She’s a living embodiment of her moniker, but please don’t call her Smurfette. She’s also not a huge fan of cake unless it’s made out of ice cream or chocolate chip cookies.

PTSD and Orlando

For those who follow my Tumblrs, you know that I haven’t been talking about Orlando.  In fact, I pretty much put a moratorium on the topic on my blogs; as I put it, I’m not all that interested in massively … Continue reading

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Dealing With Acephobia From Therapists, Part 2

Welcome back to my series on acephobia and therapy.  Last time, I shared my personal experiences with confronting acephobia from my therapist.  This time, I’ve interviewed a good friend of mine, who is a LMSW (Licensed Master Social Worker) in … Continue reading

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Dealing With Acephobia From Therapists, Part 1

On the heels of the flibanserin decision, many of us are concerned, and rightly so.  We’re concerned that now the new remark will be ‘I hear there’s a pill for that.’  We’re concerned that our family, and our friends, and … Continue reading

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