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Laura is an aromantic asexual, queer-identified, and a Muslim. She lives in the U.S., works in online tech support, and volunteers for a Muslim anti-racism organization. She blogs about asexuality, queer Muslim issues, and other topics at and has written on asexuality for a number of Muslim sites.

Asexual Muslim resistance, activism, and self care: Creating Change 2017 and me

This post is for the February Carnival of Aces. Author note: I originally intended to write this post soon after I got back from Creating Change a month ago. However, thanks to the start of my spring term Arabic classes … Continue reading

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#QueerSelfLove, Intersectional Harassment, and Resilience

Content warning: This post contains a discussion of multiple types of bigoted harassment that I experienced, and provides examples of threats of violence. This section is preceded with a trigger warning and its end is also marked. Please exercise self … Continue reading

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My Islam is Queer

This post is for the May Carnival of Aces. I first became fascinated by Islam in the summer of 1994. I remember spending many afternoons in the university bookstore, lurking by the Religion shelves, at one point poring over English … Continue reading

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Not queer enough, not Muslim enough

Recently, I wrote about burnout, from writing in general and from writing about asexuality for Muslims in particular. In that post, I talked about the lack of any real asexual Muslim community or even an active group of bloggers other … Continue reading

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Grad school, failure, and having been an asexual woman in science

Although it was 20 years ago now, I still remember the day my parents told me I needed to withdraw from grad school. I had stopped attending most of my classes, was erratic in turning in homework, and had missed … Continue reading

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Asexuality, Writing, and Burnout

A year ago, I wrote a post announcing that I wanted to make 2015 The Year of Writing about Asexuality for Muslims. Over the course of the following nine months, I wrote ten essays for Muslim sites about asexuality, as … Continue reading

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Learning to Understand my Aromanticism

This post is for the October Carnival of Aces. There’s nothing gray or fluid about my aromanticism; as with my asexuality, it seems to be total and lifelong. Yet, I’ve always found it difficult to write about being aromantic, despite … Continue reading

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