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January 01 Open Thread

[Image description: A black and white text graphic. It says, “March 14, 2015 – 9:26:53 will be epic. Why? 3.141592653 = π.]

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December 18 Open Thread

[Image description: A golden retriever spinning in a circle, who has managed to catch its own tail. Its eyes are wide and it looks surprised.]

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December 04 Open Thread

[Image description: A picture of a red-and-orange flower in a dark vase, with green leaves. Upon closer inspection, it is possible to see that the flower and vase are made of still-liquid paint.]

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November 20 Open Thread

Image description: A single panel of a Superman comic, captioned COMICS. A red-headed woman asks Superman “Whatever happened to Luthor?” Superman, holding a pair of boots, responds: “He’s become a space pirate, raiding other worlds! Some day I’ll catch up … Continue reading

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November 07 Open Thread

Image description: A soap bubble halfway through being popped. Half is intact and the other half consists of threads of soap still in the shape of a bubble.

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October 23 Open Thread

[Image description: Single-panel comic. In one corner stand three people in dark clothes saying “tut tut” disapprovingly. They’re labeled “proper literature.” In the upper right corner is a person in a purple jumpsuit, flying with a flame-producing jetpack. They’re labeled … Continue reading

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October 9th Open Thread

[Image description: Two seas of different densities meet. There is a white water line along the meeting point. One sea is a very dark color, and the other is a gray-blue. Taken off the Alaskan coast.]

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September 25 Open Thread

[Image description: Animated GIF. A red block of stone carved into the shape of an open book, surrounded by a drain. The spine of the book is a silver cylinder that releases a sheet of water as it rotates. The … Continue reading

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September 11 Open Thread

[Image description: In the foreground are four sperm whales, large and gray, sitting vertically in the ocean. Two others are in the background, one vertical and one horizontal. They are sleeping.]

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August 28 Open Thread

[Image description: The night sky over a water landscape with a tree branch. The stars in the sky are blurs of light, so that together they look like a ring of circles.]

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