The Asexual Agenda has two primary goals:

1. Stimulate and promote asexual blogs.  We serve as a community center: a place for readers to discuss with each other, and a portal to other asexual blogs.

2. Strive towards greater understanding, especially in our target audience: people under the ace spectrum who already understand the basics. Sometimes this means our writers share their expertise, but most often it means we offer our varied perspectives. We are built on the idea that beyond asexuality 101, it is impossible to provide only one single authoritative view of everything.

The Asexual Agenda does not attempt to be a 101 resource.  If you are learning about asexuality for the first time, you are invited to peruse our list of 101 resources.  You are also free to stick around and pick it up as you go along.

Comment Policy

Blog comments can be fun and enlightening, but there are some things we can’t allow:

1. Do not threaten violence, not even in jest.  Do not reveal people’s identities.
2. Do not insult people gratuitously.  For example, you cannot make a comment whose purpose is to call someone else a jerk.  You cannot use slurs against other people (though you may use the slurs to talk about the slurs).
3. Do not use identities in a misleading way.  More specifically, do not pose as multiple people (“sockpuppeting”).  Do not change your user name unless it is clear that you have done so (“morphing”).  Do not impersonate other people.  (Clarification: Anonymous comments are disallowed.  Please use a pseudonym.)
4. No blatant ace-hate or other kinds of aggressive ignorance.  We’re not really interested in giving people remedial lessons on asexuality.
5. No trolling, which we define as attempting to instigate flame wars.
6. When a moderator asks people to stop responding to a thread, please respect this.

The moderators have the right to interpret these rules however they wish, and to punish other bad behavior not explicitly included in the rules.  However, we will allow for mistakes and missteps.  If you make a minor violation, moderators will publicly inform you of this by inserting a warning directly into your comment.  Repeated or serious violations will lead to punishments:

1. Freezing threads.  The violator will not be allowed to comment on the post, and moderators will ask everyone else to stop responding to the violator.
2. Temporary banning.  The violator will not be allowed to comment for one month.
3. Banning.  The violator will not be allowed to comment on the blog.

Please note that if your comment does not appear immediately, it does not necessarily mean you did anything wrong.  Usually that just means that it got stuck in the spam filter.