A Carnival of Aces: Masterpost

A blogging carnival is an event in which various people blog around a single topic.  At the end of the carnival, a host blog collects all the links.  It’s a way of encouraging a variety of different voices, and a way to bring attention to blogs that would otherwise go under the radar.

A Carnival of Aces is a monthly blogging carnival centered on the asexual spectrum (asexuals, gray-As, demisexuals, etc.).  Anyone can participate, but responses should deal with asexuality or the asexual spectrum, and they should relate to the month’s theme (which is announced each month by the host).  Responses should postdate the call for submissions.  Alternate forms of media besides blogs are also welcome as long as they deal with the prompt.  If you’re not sure whether your piece is okay, submit it anyway and we’ll figure it out.

We also have a sister carnival, Carnival of Aros.  Aromantic and aromantic spectrum perspectives are definitely allowed and encouraged in the Carnival of Aces, but the Carnival of Aros provides additional space for people who want more of a focus on aromanticism and the aromantic spectrum.

How do I submit a piece for the carnival?  Where is the current carnival? 

At the beginning of each month, the host will post a call for submissions, and announce the theme.  All you need to do is find the call for submissions and follow their instructions.

To find the call for submissions, please refer to the Carnival of Aces category, where we post links each month.

Why should I volunteer to be a host?

Hosting the carnival is an act of good will, but can also benefit you.  If you have a blog (and you must have a blog to volunteer), then hosting a carnival will bring attention to your blog.  You also get to choose the theme (though you do not have to choose a theme until you post the call for submissions).

How do I volunteer to be a host?

Comment on this masterpost, with the month you’d like to host.  Alternatively, you may e-mail us at asexualagenda@gmail.com.  Let me know your blog url and your e-mail address. (If you leave a comment, I will assume your e-mail is the one you use for commenting.)

The instructions to hosting are simple.  At the beginning of your assigned month, you post a call for submissions (here is an example), which should include your chosen theme and some way to contact you.  Make sure people can contact you even if they don’t have an account on your platform! Shortly after the end of the month, you put up a summary post linking to the submissions (see archives for examples).  Sara has also offered some advice here, if you need it.

Scheduled future hosts

Future spots are open.  Please volunteer!

Carnival Archive

Broken links have been crossed out.

May 2011 – Writing From Factor X – “Coming Out
June 2011 – Asexy Beast – “Intersections Between Race/Ethnicity/Culture/Nationality and Asexual Identities
July 2011 – Skeptic’s Play – “Community
August 2011 – Neutrois Nonsense – “Relationships
September 2011 – An Asexual Space – “Media
October 2011 – Blog the Second – “Family
November 2011 – Kaz’ Scribblings – “Gender
December 2011 – Really Ideally Emily – “Attraction
January 2012 – Confessions of an Ist – “Unfulfilled Desires
February 2012 – quod inane vocamus -“Re/presentation
March 2012 – Shades of Gray – “Sexual Exploration
July 2012 – A Life Unexamined –  “Compulsory Sexuality
August 2012 – The Asexual Agenda – “Age/ageism
September 2012 – Confessions of an Ist – “Unity and Diversity in the Asexual Community
October 2012 – Concept Awesome – “Sexual education
November 2012 – Lunas Specto – “Fiction
December 2012 – Becky’s Musings – “Dating and Significant Others
January 2013 – Critique of Popular Reason – “Non-traditional relationship styles and polyamory
February 2013 – WTF Dynamics – “Language and Communication
March 2013 – A Heart Full of Love – “Asexuality and kink
April 2013 – The notes which do not fit – “The Next Generation
May 2013 – Asexuality, Unabashed – “Appearances
June 2013 – Demi Gray – “Sex Positivity
July 2013 – A Fine Line – “Doubt
August 2013 – Teenage Ace – “Teenagers
September 2013 – Demi Graydient – “Fluidity
October 2013 – Yes, That Too – “Disability and Asexuality
November 2013 – River Song is Not My Role Model – “Fictional media with potentially asexual and/or aromantic themes
December 2013 – A Life Unexamined – “Change
January 2014 – A Glittering Gold Maybe – “Overemphasis on romantic/sexual relationships
February 2014 – Madwatch-Madwatch – “Valentine’s Day
March 2014 – Reflective Ace – “Interacting with Others
April 2014 – From Fandom to Family: Sharing My Many Thoughts – “Analogies to an Asexual Experience
May 2014 – LGBTeen – “Obstacles
June 2014 – The Pleasure’s All Mine – “Pleasure
July 2014 – From Fandom to Family: Sharing My Many Thoughts – “Sex-Aversion and Sex-Repulsion
August 2014 – Concept Awesome – “The Unassailable Asexual
September 2014 – Grace of Diamonds – “Asexuals, Allies, and Advocacy
October 2014 – Something Queer to Read – “Religion (or atheism) and Asexuality
November 2014 – Beyond the Rainbow – “Expectations in friendships/relationships
December 2014 – The Notes Which Do Not Fit – “Touch, sensuality, and nonsexual intimacy
January 2015 – Robin Enby – “Nonbinary people and asexuality
February 2015 – Demi Gray Speaks – “Cross-community connections
March 2015 – Cinderace blogs – “Writing About Asexuality
April 2015 – Asexuals involved in BDSM – “An Asexual Culture?
May 2015 – Becoming a Person – “Identities, Labels, and Models
June 2015 – Prismatic Entanglements – “Mental Health
July 2015 – Next Step: Cake – “Asexual History
August 2015 – Writing Ace – “Ideals
September 2015 – A Life Unexamined – “Living Asexuality
October 2015 – From Fandom to Family: Sharing My Many Thoughts – “Aromanticsm and the Aromantic Spectrum
November 2015 – (A)Sex and the City – “Reasons I Should Have Known I Was Asexual
December 2015 – The Asexuality Blog – “Staying in the Closet
January 2016 – Myscape – “Relationship Stages
February 2016 – It’s An Ace Thing – “Platonic Attraction
March 2016 – Valprehension – “Gender norms and asexuality
April 2016 – A3 – “Be yourself (but stretch)
May 2016 – halfthoughts – “Questioning Your Faith
June 2016 – Rock of Aces – “Resiliency
July 2016 – This Too Shall Eventually Pass – “Make ’em Laugh
August 2016 – Valprehension – “Naming it
September 2016 – Robin Enby – “Asperger’s and Asexuality
October 2016 – Yapbnweca – “Joining the Asexual Community
November 2016 – It’s An Ace Thing – “Relationship Anarchy
December 2016 – A3 – “Asexuality and Privacy
January 2017 – Ace Advice – “Many Ways to be Ace
February 2017 – The Asexual Agenda – “Resistance, Activism, and Self-care
March 2017 – (Purr)ple (L)ace – “Ace Pride
April 2017 – Abnormaldiversity – “Aromanticism, Asexuality and Parenthood
May 2017 – From Fandom to Family: Sharing my many thoughts – “Kissing, Hand Holding, Bed Sharing, etc!
June 2017 – Writing Ace – “Asexual Education
July 2017 – Asexuality Archive – “Acing It Up Offline
August 2017 – Asexual Research – “Asexuality and Academia
September 2017 – Valprehension – “Message to Ace Exclusionists
October 2017 – Chrysocolla Town – “Asexuality in Fandom
November 2017 – WUT – “Questioning, Exploration, and Mislabeling
December 2017 – nerdingoverstuff – “Alienation and Belonging
January 2018 – Ace Film Reviews – “Identity
February 2018 – Hurricane Sophia – “Mental Health
March 2018 – From Fandom to Family: Sharing my many thoughts – “Physical Health and/or Our Bodies
April 2018 – Demisexual and Proud – “All the birds but us…
May 2018 – Prismatic Entanglements – “Nuance & Complexity
June 2018 – Dating While Ace – “Demisexuals/greysexuals
July 2018 – WUT – “Then and Now
August 2018 – Demisexual and Proud – “Stages of Coming Out
September 2018 – Ace Film Reviews – “Asexuality Before AVEN
October 2018 – Sketches – “Asexuality and Poetry
November 2018 – The Notes Which Do Not Fit – “The Carnival of Aces
December 2018 – Next Step: Cake – “Burnout
January 2019 – Demi and Proud – “Asexuality as a blessing
February 2019 – The Ace and Aro Advocacy Project – “The Relationship Between the Aro and Ace Communities
March 2019 – Controlled Abandon – “Symbols of Identity
April 2019 – From Fandom to Family: Sharing my many thoughts – “The Five Love Languages
May 2019 – Demisexual and Proud – “Asexuality and Gender at Play
June 2019 – A3 – “Then, Now, and Tomorrow
July 2019 – The Ace Theist – “Home
August 2019 – The Demi Deviant – “Deviant Identities
September 2019 – Asexuality Archive – “Telling Our Stories
October 2019 – Ace Week Tumblr – “Reaching Out, Reaching In
December 2019 – Aria’s Hollow – “Literature, Academia, and Storytelling
January 2020 – Ace and Aro Acts – “Conscious and Unconscious Difference
February 2020 – Live to Learn – “Identity
March 2020 – Ace Theist – “Leaving
April 2020 – vacanthands – “Names
May 2020 – The Asexual Agenda – “Quarantine
June 2020 – Aspec of Stardust – “Pride
August 2020 – A3 – “What are you Hoping to get out of the Ace Community?
September 2020 – Constance Bougie – “Manifestos
October 2020 – Ramblings of a Bastard – “Multitudes
November 2020 – The Asexual Agenda – “Invisible Activism
February 2021 – Ace Film Reviews – “Comparing Ace Spaces
March 2021 – Constance Bougie – “Dreams
April 2021 – Demisexual and Proud – “Queering, Or Acing, a New Normal
May 2021 – Bring on the Pigeons – “Words and Conceptualizations
August 2021 – From Fandom to Family – “Second Chance at Any Past Topic
September 2021 – Ace Film Reviews – “The ‘We’ of Me
October 2021 – sildarmillion – “Attraction
November 2021 – vacanthands – “Inside the Frame, Outside the Frame
December 2021 – Abnormaldiversity – “Children and Childhood
January 2022 – Bring on the Pigeons – “Divergence vs Convergence
February 2022 – sildarmillion – “Beyond Attraction
March 2022 – Mundo Heterogéneo – “Asexuality and Law
April 2022 – Constance Bougie – “200 Words
June 2022 – Aspec of Stardust – “Throwback
August 2022 – sildarmillion – “Labels and Microlabels
October 2022 – Tell me why the world is weird – “Tell a Story
January 2023 – Tell me why the world is weird – “The Advice You Wish You’d Had
February 2023 – Writing For Life – “Representation in fiction

About the Carnival

A Carnival of Aces was started by Sciatrix on her blog Writing From Factor X in 2011.  It was inherited by The Asexual Agenda in 2012.  There is a brief history up to 2018 here.  Our sister carnival, Carnival of Aros, launched in 2019.

313 Responses to A Carnival of Aces: Masterpost

  1. Aydan says:

    I thought we were hosting the August carnival, and not the October one?

    I’m willing to host again if we can repeat. Say, December 2012? Or, really, any month is fine.

  2. Queenie says:

    I’d be interested in hosting the carnival, although I’d have to hold off until October or November, since my life is a bit hectic right now.

    Also, did you only want hosting blogs on blogging platforms like blogger or wordpress, or would hosting on a tumblr be okay?

    • Siggy says:

      I’ll put you down for October, but you can change it later if you want.

      Yes, you can definitely host on a tumblr.

  3. Alex says:

    I made a post for the November edition of the carnival. I have since changed my tumblr url so the link on the round up doesn’t work, and I don’t know how to get in touch with the blogger. If ze happens to see this or anyone knows how to contact zer, I’m Alex, my old url was aced-and-confused and the new link is http://tooyoungtoplaydead.tumblr.com/post/13217400845

  4. Becky says:

    I’d love to do January of 2013 on Tumblr.

  5. Nicola says:

    I’d be happy to host March’s Carnival on tumblr, if that’s acceptable.

  6. Sara K. says:

    I’m willing to host for a month.

  7. audaciousace says:

    Is May open for hosting?

  8. Siggy says:

    It’s open! I’ll put you down for May.

  9. Jillian says:

    I’m interested in hosting, whatever the next open month is. http://jilliancottle.com (A Fine Line is my blog’s title.)

  10. Kendra says:

    My co-blogger and I would love to host carnival of aces in whatever month 🙂 our url is teenageace.tumblr.com 🙂

  11. I’d like to host! I can do September or whatever month you need filled. http://demigraydient.blogspot.com/

  12. Amy Pond says:

    I know that last November the blog carnival was about fiction, but there was a focus on what we’d like to see in fiction, etc.
    I was thinking, if it’s okay, that maybe this November I could host a blog carnival about books with possibly asexual or aromantic themes, even if the characters aren’t explicitly asexual or aromantic? (eg. books where the characters show no need to hook up, etc)

  13. Jo says:

    If no-one else is down for December yet, I am happy to host that one over at my blog. 🙂 Haven’t hosted in a while, so it’ll be good.

  14. oj27 says:

    I’d like to volunteer for hosting a carnival! I could do any month, and I’d like to talk about mental health and asexuality.

  15. luvtheheaven says:

    I’d love to volunteer to host this. I’m just discovering this Carnival of Aces thing now so I have quite a bit of reading to catch up on, and I’m gonna write something for this current month right now. 😀 I see April is probably taken by oj27, so I’d be happy to host during June, if that one’s still free, hehe. 😛 Or any month. June is nice because it gives me time to think of a good, hopefully unique topic. 😉

  16. luvtheheaven says:

    Going through so many of the past Carnival of Aces posts is really really enjoyable. 😉 So many wonderful thoughts have been shared. I hate how many links are now dead, though. It’s not that many of them, but it’s too many. I wanted to read some of those! 😛

  17. Demi Graydient says:

    I’m supposed to do May, but I had to deactivate my blog (for a number of reasons). Sorry!

  18. I can host in June, or pretty much any time during the summer!

  19. queenieofaces says:

    I’d like to call August (I’d host earlier but I’ll be out of the country and don’t know what my internet access will be like).

  20. luvtheheaven says:

    The April 2014 “current month” call for submissions now could be updated to be May… FYI. 😉

  21. Mxtrmeike13 says:

    Hey, so I might just be putting my foot in it here, but could I please host the July 2014 Carnival? I will hopefully be settled enough and pre-grad school still, so it should all be manageable if you still need a host for that month. =]

  22. luvtheheaven says:

    I’d be happy to host the August one with the theme “Sex-Aversion & Sex-Repulsion”, unless it’s too close to me hosting that May one and you’d like to let someone else do August. (Or unless Mxtrmeike13 happens to choose the same theme? Of course I could always come up with a different theme, then lol.) I mean, I was just reading this: http://redbeardace.tumblr.com/post/88088956475/swankivy-scarybalkanlady-vhenanara-replied-to and this part: “I’ve seen people say that they don’t talk about it because they feel like there isn’t much to say, but trust me, there’s a lot to be said. (I still think someone needs to host a Carnival of Aces on it.)” made me think… why not? I can do that.

  23. Pegasus says:

    I’d be interested in hosting in November, or any month you need to fill.

  24. robinenby says:

    I’d like to host January 2015. My blog is at http://robinenby.wordpress.com/ .

  25. Sara K. says:

    I could host February 2015 (by the way, you have listed Robin Enby for ‘January 2014’).

  26. cinderace says:

    I’d love to host March if no one’s taken it yet!

  27. Smrf says:

    I’d love to host April! I have a blog both here and on Tumblr, but my Tumblr sees more action.

  28. elainexe says:

    Hello! I would like to host for May if you don’t already have someone.

  29. queenieofaces says:

    Here’s a link to the broken December 2012 Carnival: http://queenieofaces.tumblr.com/post/40866294240/carnival-of-aces-roundup

  30. Elizabeth says:

    Okay, sign me up for June, I got an idea. Can I set the topic this far ahead of time? I want to do Mental Health.

    • Siggy says:

      Okay, you’re down for June. Thank you for volunteering. You can pick a topic ahead of time, but it’s not binding.

  31. Sennkestra says:

    Heya! Can I volunteer for July?

  32. Writer Ace says:

    Can I sign up to host for August?

  33. Writer Ace says:

    The August call for submission is up here

  34. Jo says:

    I don’t think I can think of a theme in time for this month, but can I be put down for October 2015?

    EDIT: Hang on, I read the schedule wrong. Put me down for September.

  35. luvtheheaven says:

    If you don’t mind me hosting again (I already did two in 2014), I’d be happy to host in October.

  36. kaleighaw17 says:

    Hi there! So I know I’ve never participated in the carnival before, but I’d be happy to host it if that’s ok.

  37. I have an idea for a carnival of aces and I’d love to host one (possibly February next year?) I was thinking “asexuality, aromanticism and gender expression”

  38. Kasey Weird says:

    Heya! I’d like to volunteer to host! I guess for March 2016, since that’s the next uncovered month?

  39. Iva says:

    How new or active does one have to be to take a part in this?

    • Siggy says:

      Do you mean to host or to submit a post? Either way, you do not have to be active. Some people see hosting or submitting as a way to promote their blogs, but you can participate even if you’re not interested in promoting your blog. Sometimes people participate without even having their own blog; some hosts allow guest posts to be submitted.

  40. Jay says:

    I’ve changed the URL of my blog, so the July 2013 Carnival is now located here: http://jmcottle.com/doubt-and-asexuality-the-carnival-of-aces-for-july-2013/ For updating purposes!

  41. Here’s the link to the February round up 🙂 http://sexyaussiekirkland.tumblr.com/post/140274580574/february-carnival-of-aces-roundup (it’s hard to tell when best to upload cause of timezones like it’s the 2nd where I am haha)

  42. Roxa says:

    I’ll take June if no one else has called it! I’m about to publicly launch a new blog and would welcome some traffic. (Longtime lurker here though…)

    Right now I’m thinking something along the lines of intersectionality between religion/spirituality (or nonreligion) and asexuality — I know this has been done before, but not since 2014, and I think there’s definitely room for more discussion on this!

  43. robinenby says:

    I’d like to host September 2016, tentatively on “Asperger’s and Asexuality”. Thanks!

    • Siggy says:

      Yes, thanks for volunteering! I’ll put you down for September.

      Some people I know don’t like the Asperger’s vs autism distinction. Could be worth checking with a few people if it’s okay as a topic.

  44. killerbee13 says:

    I’d like to host a carnival on “How one first found (and then identified with) the asexual community”, and October is not only the first available month, but it also has Asexual Awareness Week in it, so it seems like a good month for the topic.

    It doesn’t seem to have ever been the topic of a Carnival before, though other topics have definitely touched on the subject.

  45. Dee says:

    Hi, I’d be interested in hosting the carnival for November (I’d love to do a carnival on relationship anarchy, and I also have November off from study).

  46. Saine says:

    Hi, I’d like to be the host for January (unfortunately, December is not a good month for me). I was thinking the theme could be “Many Ways to be Ace.” I have some ideas for what specific pieces that prompt might be conducive to, also. Thanks!

  47. Lib says:

    Hello! If December is still open I can volunteer to host for that month.

  48. Saine says:

    Will there be a February Carnival?

    • Siggy says:

      We are currently discussing hosting it on The Asexual Agenda for February. If you would like to volunteer, I might put you down for March.

  49. ettinacat says:

    I would like to volunteer to host a blog carnival.

  50. luvtheheaven says:

    FYI the link to Naming It seems broken.

    However this works :


    Also, I’d be happy to host the Carnival again later this year sometime if you need someone, but I don’t want to host too many times, either. I’ve already hosted three times in the past.

    • Siggy says:

      The link is identical, and it works for me. I would guess it’s an issue with your browser.

      I don’t mind people hosting the carnival many times. Would you like to volunteer for the next slot in May?

      • luvtheheaven says:

        Sure, May 2017 sounds good to me. I’ve already come up with a theme that I’d really like to do. “Kissing, Hand Holding, & Bed Sharing” is the tentative thought but I’ll wait to see how April’s Carnival plays out.

        And it’s so weird, I’m using Chrome on my android phone, combined with having The WordPress app downloaded and set to automatically open WordPress links except that only seems to happen half the time. (I’m sure the wordpress app is the problem in some way. ) And I had double checked and that one link, even right now, even when I copied and pasted the link elsewhere, getting it from here in this thread and then clicking it leads me to the wordpress app telling me “this post no longer exists”. But the version of the link i shared with you, which looks identical, I had kind of noticed that before… That link I can click and it takes me to the page on my mobile browser; it works probably because for whatever reason it’s NOT going through the WordPress app…

        I probably should finally just Uninstall the app. It’s been causing me too much confusion… For a while now….

  51. Writer Ace says:

    If nobody has it yet I’ll do June 2017 on Asexual Education.

  52. Sennkestra says:

    I can host August 2017 on the Asexual Research blog.

  53. Kasey Weird says:


    I’m feeling ready to host again in whatever month you have coming up next that needs a volunteer! 🙂

  54. Sennkestra says:

    I’m happy to volunteer at nextstepcake for this October if you don’t get any other volunteers in the next couple days – though I think this would still be a great opportunity for a first timer if anyone is inspired in the next couple days!

  55. Sock says:

    trisockatops on tumblr. I can host November, but I’m going to need some time to think on a theme!

  56. hurricanegrrrl says:

    hey, I’d love to host a carnival! not sure of a theme yet, but am happy to do something early 2018!

  57. Blue Ice-Tea says:

    I was thinking I’d like to host a CoA with the topic “Labels and Identities”. (Or, rather, I already have a post on labels and identities in my head, and a CoA on the topic would give me an excuse to publish it!) Problem: The topic was used in the May 2015 Carnival. Can the same topic be done twice? How much time needs to pass before a topic can be revisited?

  58. luvtheheaven says:

    If you really don’t mind me hosting again, I have a new ideas so I’d be happy to do March or April or whenever is the next open slot.

    If 5 times floor the same host is too much I’m happy to not though!! Either way.

    I also wish someone else would maybe host a specific carnival on demisexuality or grayness or something. I think that’s another topic that would be great… Not what I’m planning to do… Lol.

    • Siggy says:

      I don’t care if people volunteer over and over, as long as no single person is dominating the queue of volunteers. I’ll put you down for March. Thanks for volunteering!

  59. Elizabeth says:

    I think I can host again in May. I know April is still open, but I think I’ll be too busy then.

  60. hurricane_phi says:

    hey all! the submissions post for February is up on my site now – the theme is mental health! please submit your thoughts n stuff, can’t wait to read it all!

  61. demiandproud says:

    I can do April, I think 🙂

  62. datingwhileace says:

    I’d like to volunteer to to be host for June or July. Thanks!

    • Siggy says:

      Okay, I’ll put you down for June. Thanks for volunteering! I’ll send you an e-mail reminder when June comes around.

  63. Blue Ice-Tea says:

    I’d like to volunteer to host in September. I know it’s early, and that July and August haven’t been taken yet, but… I really want to do it in September! Please.

  64. Sock says:

    I’ll take July! I have an idea. ^^

    trisockatops on tumblr.

  65. demiandproud says:

    So I’d thought to host again end of the year or so, and it’s a little early, but I see August is still open, so please put me down for that if it’s not taken soonish, otherwise I’d love to do December.

  66. constance004 says:

    I’d love to host on my writing blog in October/November/next year! You can find it here: http://cpbwrites.wordpress.com

    • Siggy says:

      Thanks for volunteering! I can put you down for October, and I’ll send you a reminder when the time comes.

  67. demiandproud says:

    The round-up post is finally heeeeere! Please put up Ace Film Reviews for current host, the call for submission’s already gone out 😀

  68. demiandproud says:

    I’ve got a thing so I could do January?

  69. I’d like to host! March, or whatever month is next available is fine with me.

  70. Coyote says:

    I’m so nervous to ask this, but can I take June?

  71. LoyalTiger06 says:

    I’m pretty new to all this, but I’d be up for taking August if it’s still available. I see it seems to be without a host and it’s coming up fairly soon.

  72. constance004 says:

    I can do an upcoming month if needed! My site is here: cpbwrites.wordpress.com

  73. Autumn says:

    Hi! I’d be willing to host for December on my dreamdwidth blog if that’s alright?

  74. Emrys says:

    Hello! I’d love to host for February on my tumblog: https://thecreator-atraitor.tumblr.com/

  75. Coyote says:

    What’s the next spot that’s open? March?

  76. Sara K. says:

    I would be willing to host in April.

  77. Vacant says:

    Hey, just a heads-up that Emrys/Live To Learn, who hosted for February 2020 on Identity, has since changed their tumblr blog name, so the link to the roundup is broken: the roundup is now at https://emrys-rises.tumblr.com/post/611867721584558080/roundup-for-the-carnival-of-aces.

  78. constance004 says:

    I can host any time in the next few months, if people are needed!

  79. constance004 says:

    I can host any time in the next few months, if people are needed! (I haven’t found a link for this month’s, if there is one?)

  80. Blue Ice-Tea says:

    Sorry, I forgot that clicking my user name automatically takes you to my X-Files blog. The February Carnival will actually be hosted at Ace Film Reviews: https://acefilmreviews.wordpress.com/

    • Siggy says:

      Haha, I noticed the blog was different, but thought, “well maybe that’s the blog they want to use to host, and if I’m wrong I’ll fix it later.”

  81. kierha says:

    Hey, I just started a new blog at https://asexual.blog/ 🙂
    I’ll be interested in hosting for June if you’ll have me!

  82. Here’s my call for submissions for August 2021 😉 I thought “Second Chance at Any Past Topic” was a little clearer than “Missed Themes” I guess. Hopefully some people take advantage! https://violetemeraldx.wordpress.com/2021/08/02/carnival-of-aces-august-2021-second-chance-at-any-past-topic/

  83. Blue Ice-Tea says:

    Here’s the call for submissions for September. The theme is “The ‘We’ of Me”:

    Call for Submissions: September 2021 Carnival of Aces: The “We” of Me

  84. Hello, since there doesn’t seem to be a host for October, I can give it a shot! I just started a new blog in September in order to participate in the carnivals 🙂

    …………… sildarmillion ……………

    By when would I need to post the call for submissions?

    • Siggy says:

      Thanks for volunteering! You can post the call for submissions whenever you’re ready, preferably in the first week of October.

  85. Here’s the link to the call for submissions: https://sildarmillionjournal.wordpress.com/2021/10/04/call-for-submissions-october-2021-carnival-of-aces-attraction/
    Please note that I am hosting this in my new blog which doesn’t have a title, but has a different url from “I’m Overthinking This”, but it’s OK to link to “I’m Overthinking This” because I made sure the new blog is accessible from that one and vice versa.

  86. Coyote says:

    Hey, Siggy? It looks like there’s a typo here:

    “centered on asexual and the asexual spectrum (gray-As, demisexuals, etc.)”

    It sounds like “asexual” should have been “asexuals” or “asexuality,” but I would suggest rephrasing this as “centered on the asexual spectrum (asexuals, gray-As, demisexuals, etc.).”

    (Feel free to delete this)

  87. ettinacat says:

    I’d be willing to host for December 2021.

  88. Hello. I can do the January 2022 carnival if you’re still looking for someone.

  89. Hi, I’m happy to host again if you can’t find anyone else. https://sildarmillionjournal.wordpress.com/journal/

  90. Hi Siggy, I was going through a few of the previous carnivals on identity and I noticed that the Feb 2020 link does not work. Just thought I’d let you know. Thanks!

  91. I can’t host anytime soon but I’d love for there to be a carnival hosted on the topic of ace/allo relationships if anyone is inspired to host that! 😉

    And by that I mean the obvious partnered/dating/marriage stuff but also if the potential host wanted, the topic could be expanded to be inclusive of all types of relationships, like friendships and acquaintances.

    Just thought I’d suggest it in case anyone with more time/energy etc for hosting wants to run with it. 🙂

  92. Do you have a host for Aug 2022? If not, I have a theme in mind!

  93. I can host for October 2022 if you don’t have a host yet 🙂

  94. I can host for January 🙂

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