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Carnival of Aces: An Asexual Culture?

The Carnival of Aces for April was posted on Asexuals Involved in BDSM.  The theme was “An Asexual Culture?” and it there’s plenty to read! For May, A Carnival of Aces is being hosted by Becoming a Person.  The theme … Continue reading

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Thinking of Asexual Culture as Indefinite, Ephemeral, and Sometimes Incompatible

For a few weeks I cracked down on my PhD work and took some tentative steps back into vegan activism. I get to talk about how problematic it is that animals are considered property? I get to frame this as … Continue reading

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Asexuality in the library: Dewey Decimal Classification edition

What’s the current place of asexuality in the Dewey Decimal Classification system, used by most libraries in the world to organize their shelves? Continue reading

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Asexuality in early radical feminism, Part 1

Source: Pollner, F. (1973). Lesbian dynamics. Off Our Backs, 3(6), 7-7. Retrieved from Recently, the above photo, dated to 1973, was dug up by some fine folks on tumblr. The photo comes from an event called “Lesbian/Feminist Dialogue” at … Continue reading

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Asexuality in Fandom linkspam

I won’t have much time to write a long piece for this month’s Carnival of Aces, but I can at least make a linkspam with the material others have posted before. Continue reading

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Academic approaches to asexuality

I’d like us to talk in this post about academic publications on asexuality, the variety of approaches they may adopt and the value they may have to the ace community. Continue reading

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Bad Experiences in University (Part Two): Dating While Asexual

While in university, I’ve come across people that haven’t understood or have made assumptions about asexuality that have been extremely difficult for me to deal with. In part one, I discussed an incident that occurred while I was participating in … Continue reading

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Grad school, failure, and having been an asexual woman in science

Although it was 20 years ago now, I still remember the day my parents told me I needed to withdraw from grad school. I had stopped attending most of my classes, was erratic in turning in homework, and had missed … Continue reading

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Asexuality and the Relationship Escalator

Written for the January 2016 Carnival of Aces, on the theme of ‘relationship stages.’ One of the concepts that I often use or reference when writing about asexuality and relationships is the relationship escalator. It’s a concept that I’ve mainly … Continue reading

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Historical Asexuals: A political dilemma

Sometimes, it’s fun to look back at history and find some one who just might have been asexual.  My personal favorite is Nikola Tesla, if only because he was a physicist, and also the subject of a certain Kate Beaton … Continue reading

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