Linkspam: November 16th, 2018

Every Friday, we will share links to news, blogs, and anything else we find interesting.  We can’t catch everything, so you are invited to self-promote in the comments!

Ace Blogging

Siggy responded to an article about declining sexual activity.

The Asexual published A(gender): An Anthology.

Sherronda Brown wrote about the difficulties of dating for asexual people.

Ace Community Activity

Ace & Aros released a statement on the underrepresentation of aro identities among their resources.

The Asexual Awareness Project is changing its name to The Ace and Aro Advocacy Project.

The Ace Community Survey has released a report on the 2016 survey, as well as an executive summary on the 2015 survey.

News & Outreach

Cosmopolitan UK spoke with three demisexuals about being demisexual and demiromantic.

Huffington Post interviewed several asexual people about what it’s like to date.

About Siggy

Siggy is an ace activist based in the U.S. He is gay gray-A, and has a Ph.D. in physics. He has another blog where he also talks about math, philosophy, godlessness, and social criticism. His other hobbies include board games and origami.
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