Question of the Week: May 1st, 2018.

What’s something you wanted as a kid and still really want?

I wanted a robot best friend.  I blame this on the talking doll from the magic faraway tree.  I think I like the unquestionable loyalty that such a friend implies.  Making friends is really hard, and sometimes you lose friends even when you are doing everything right.  So having a friend that will always be there for you is really appealing. There are also many ways it’s super creepy, but they weren’t as obvious to childhood me…

Are there any things like this that have still made an impression on how you view the world today?

About astarlia

Astarlia is proud of herself for only having volunteered for..... okay if you have to stop and count it's probably too many things isn't it? She is passionate about nerd culture, disability and mental health, alternative relationships, sexuality, and young adult fiction.
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6 Responses to Question of the Week: May 1st, 2018.

  1. demiandproud says:

    I wanted to fly, badly. It means I grin like a loon whenever there’s rough skies and I’m in an airplane, because I really feel like I’m flying, the way rough seas make you really feel you’re on a boat. On the other hand, I hated roller coasters, cause they were all about falling, not flying.

  2. I really badly wanted to be able to switch between being male and female at will. Still want that…

  3. S_Nebulosa says:

    I wanted to be a writer. Then I didn’t for a while, because it didn’t seem like a realistic goal. Now I’m back to wanting to be a writer, because someone’s got to do it. If everyone chickened out there wouldn’t be any writers.

    • Carmilla DeWinter says:

      Hmm. Most writers I know, myself included, still need a day job. Even if it’s part-time.

      • irusje says:

        But that day job can still be something related to writing or less demanding than what I had first planned (which actually had always been a backup but I just forgot)

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