Question of the Week: September 19th, 2017.

Which fictional/historical characters do you headcanon as ace and why?

Florence Nightingale is my historical hero.  Sure she was a nurse (like me!)  but also she was a smart, curious, and motivated woman, who was interested in doing things the smart way, and doing whatever it takes to get things done.  She was considered a bitch by many bc she was forthright and stubborn, but also knew how to turn on the charm when it’s what she needed to get things done.  She also basically created statistics.  

And I think she was aroace.  Not just because she never had a partner, or any significant relationships.  She did have several close meaningful friendships.  Some of them could have definitely turned into romantic relationships.  One almost ended up in her being engaged.  But it didn’t because Flo felt like there was ‘something missing’.  She didn’t understand why people wanted to get married, or be partnered.  She felt like there was some missing quality that other people had that she didn’t.  So she ignored all that stuff and fought the society that wanted her to be a good little stay at home woman and went off to be kick arse instead and I love her.

Who do you headcanon as ace?  Are there clues that make you think that or are they just great characters that ended up without romances?


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Astarlia is proud of herself for only having volunteered for..... okay if you have to stop and count it's probably too many things isn't it? She is passionate about nerd culture, disability and mental health, alternative relationships, sexuality, and young adult fiction.
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19 Responses to Question of the Week: September 19th, 2017.

  1. Jess says:

    I headcanon Jane Austen and some of her characters as ace. I’m (of course) not sure at all if she was, but something about her writing and what I know about her life makes me think she might have been. I could see Mary Bennet from Pride and Prejudice as aro ace, and Emma Woodhouse as ace as well. Mary might be more obvious, with her clear disinterest in romance, at least. With Emma, as much as she likes setting up others, she just doesn’t read to me as someone who felt that kind of attraction, even to Mr. Knightley.

    If we’re going with more pop culture, I see Natasha Romanoff of MCU as aro ace, and I like it when the movies seem to go with that, even if obviously it’s not something they would confirm. I could see it either being something she always felt or something that resulted from her years in the Red Room, and valid either way, obviously. Age of Ultron and the Hulk subplot aside, her interactions just seem very aro ace to me, even aside from her ‘love is for children’ statement in the first Avengers movie.

  2. Rivers says:

    Ooh, I really like this question. I certainly hope more comes up on the historical front because I am very interested to see those even though I can’t say I really have a historical headcannon off the top of my head.

    Some of my biggest aro and ace headcannons come from Person of Interest. The show is over, but in the last few seasons they did have a queer couple (lesbian and bisexual) in the main cast, which makes me think that aro/ace representation wouldn’t be that much of a stretch.

    My personal squish-ship would be the two main characters, Harold Finch and John Reese. I not only headcannon them both on the aro/ace spectrum, but I think they have the potential for a great QPP (especially early seasons). In fact, at one point they are practically living together in the library taking care of their dog, Bear, who is in joint custody. My QPP and I really like watching this show because of their relationship.

    I headcannon Harold as aro/ace, and Reese as an aromantic heterosexual (or an aromantic sex-positive ace, the sexual element of his attraction always seemed kind of fuzzy to me).

    Harold is personally one of my favorite aro/ace headcannons because I feel his great platonic relationships help him feel like a developed person and not fall into a lot of stereotypes that he could. He doesn’t have many friends, but he genuinely cares about people.

    My headcannon for Reese is a little fuzzier. I could see his sexual orientation go in a lot of ways (some falling on the ace spectrum, some not), but I definitely headcannon him as being aro. Like Finch he doesn’t have many friends, but he is fiercely protective of the ones he has. Even when the show tries to set him up romantically with other characters, it always feels more platonic to me. A very strong platonic (which not everyone is, but I am, so I definitely relate a lot here). I never really read romance into it.

    Can’t wait to see what other people have to say about this:)

    • astarlia says:

      omg i have never heard the phrase squishship before but i love it!

      PJ and Alex from the podcast ‘reply all’ are mine. They just have SUCH A GOOD SUPPORTIVE AND YET SHIT STIRRING FRIENDSHIP AND I LOVE THEM.

      Imma go watch person of interest now 😀

      • Rivers says:

        LOL! I’m glad you like it:) I know anything with the word ‘squish’ in it instantly turns my head.

        I’ve not really explored podcasts too much, but good supporting friendships are definitely something that interests me (and I do want to start getting into podcasts). I’ll have to look into it:)

    • Katherine says:

      I second the Harold/John QPP headcannon. For Harold, I see him as aro/ace but… maybe demi-aro? And that’s just because the real life romance between Michael Emmerson and his wife, Carrie Preston, just kinda bleeds through between those two in their scenes together as Harold and Grace. At any rate, Harold seems drawn to super close friendships that could easily be headcannoned as QPRs; the flashbacks to him and Nathan show the two of them shared a pretty intensely close friendship too (Nathan’s son even treats Harold like family during season 1). As for John, I see him as aro/heterosexual or sex-pos ace who needs the emotional stability of a QPP or else he’s just kind of lost. He goes from fake-bearded hobo to the man in the suit within twenty-four hours of meeting Harold, after all. (It’s always hilarious on rewatch to see how flustered/out of his element John gets when he realizes someone is hitting on him. The only times he manages to hold his own in the flirting department is either when its Zoe doing the flirting or Harold is coaching him via earbud.)

      I also headcannon Shaw as being demi-aro. And before the show started teasing Shaw/Root, I basically saw Root as the Machine’s platonic girlfriend that Harold (Dad) disapproved of greatly…

      Of course, the most important relationship for all the characters is the one they each develop with Bear. Everyone loves that dog. John doesn’t hesitate to steal Bear, Harold comes to love Bear as he helps him deal with his PTSD, Shaw states outright she’s only in it for the dog, Root buys Bear slippers to gnaw on, Carter just randomly borrows Bear whenever she wants, and even Fusco wants to keep Bear and will only concede the dog to someone scarier than him… like Shaw. (I just wanted everyone to move into the library together – or the train station – and share joint custody of Bear.)

      • Rivers says:


      • Rivers says:

        Yeah, I can definitely peg Shaw as demi-aro.

        My main concern with headcannoning her as aro-spec is that she does seem to fall into some basic stereotypes due to her mental health issues. Not that I’m saying I wouldn’t be happy if she did up coming out as being aro-spec, or that having some stereotypes or mental illness makes a character unfit for representation. I’m just a bit hesitant to headcannon her when there are already other characters whose aroness wouldn’t have potential unfortunate implications. I really liked that they ended up making her bi, which I felt opened up a lot of doors for her character.

  3. astarlia says:

    Cut from original post: but friends read Kat from hunger games as super demi 🙂

  4. Blue Ice-Tea says:

    Well, anyone who’s been reading my blog knows I’ve been playing a “Could this person be ace?” game with Alan Rickman characters for most of the past year. So far my favourite character to headcanon as ace is Alexander Dane from Galaxy Quest.

    I also like the J. M. Barrie-as-asexual theory. Some of that is based on his portrayal in the movie Finding Neverland, but I’ve also read about him in other works, like Andrew Birkin’s biography J. M. Barrie and the Lost Boys. Whether he fit the textbook definition of asexuality or not, he seems to have been a person without a lot of sexual interest who also formed very close, intense, platonic relationships, including with children and with happily-married women. I like to think he was probably on the asexual spectrum, and also possibly panromantic or platoniromantic.

  5. Katherine says:

    No historical figures come to mind off the bat, but for fictional characters there’s nearly every lead character in a Tales game.

    Tales of Symphonia has Lloyd Irving who is pretty much oblivious to any and all romantic overtures from the ladies and Zelos (who is most certainly hitting on Lloyd if you play up his relationship values the highest); I tend to headcannon Lloyd as being pan-romantic/ace.

    Tales of Vesperia has Yuri Lowell and his complicated friendship with Flynn Scifo. (Seriously, Yuri runs into a beautiful noblewoman in distress, his first thought is ‘I’m going to drop you off with Flynn now’. He views the ocean for the first time, wonders if Flynn saw it too. He wears Knight’s armor and gets complimented by the ladies, can only think about how Flynn used to tell him he looked ridiculous in armor when he was an actual Knight…) The relationship between Yuri and Estelle is written in such a low key way that they come off as wanting to be platonic, adventuring life partners. For Yuri, I headcannon him as being aro/ace, demi-aro/ace or homo-romantic/sex-pos ace.

    Tales of Graces has Asbel Lhant who is so very, very aro/ace during the first two-thirds of the game that his sudden feelings for Cheria can be really jarring even on replay when I know its coming. There’s also Pascal, who is more interested in science and engineering than social relationships or bathing.

    Tales of Xillia has Jude/Milla; I tend to headcannon them both as hetero-romantic aces. Tales of Xillia 2 has Ludger whose most important relationship is with his future daughter from an alternate reality (it only sort of makes sense in context) and his second most important relationship is with his half brother, who raised him; Ludger I see as being aro/ace/aplotonic.

    Tales of Zestiria has Sorey, who is practically cannon homo-romantic/ace. One of my favorite skits is when Zaveid tries to get Sorey to go check out the ladies in the sauna and Sorey ‘misunderstands’ Zaveid’s meaning of hot babes while referring to Mikleo (Mikleo being the prettiest guy in the game and Sorey’s best friend since childhood). There’s also a really great post-battle skit where Zaveid tries to bond with Sorey over finding the ladies in the group attractive, Sorey gives a lukewarm ‘yeah, sure, whatever’ type response, and Mikleo tells Zaveid not to expect much from Sorey on the topic.

    Tales of Berseria’s lead is Velvet who shows way more interest in being everyone’s big sister than she does in romance. Her I view as being a lesbian aro/ace, as she leans towards close friendships with women. (I like the idea of QPR Velvet/Eleanor raising Laphicet together.)

    Only Tales of Hearts comes to mind as a Tales game where I don’t headcannon the main character as ace, since Kor suffers from basically lust-at-first-sight with his love interest, Kohaku. And its been long enough since I last played Tales of Abyss that I don’t really remember what headcannons I had for Luke…

  6. Seth says:

    My fave is Fall-from-Grace from Planescape: Torment, an obvious ace succubus. She’s so close to canon, I tend to think lack of awareness at the time is the only reason she’s not. I mean, her family disowned her for not being a sex maniac, whereupon she started a ‘brothel’ that prohibits physical contact with the courtesans, who only offer conversation and games.

  7. Sylvia A. Winters says:

    Bertie Wooster from the Jeeves and Wooster series, and his creator P.G Wodehouse.
    Those stories are full of romance and romantic woes, usually with Bertie falling in and out of love as easily as walking through his own front door, but sex is never mentioned or even hinted at.
    Wodehouse was married but had no biological children (and I read somewhere that they slept in separate beds). There’s a few articles around about whether or not he was ‘squeamish’ about sex, and a few discussion boards on whether or not he was asexual. I guess we’ll never know for sure.

    • Blue Ice-Tea says:

      I hadn’t heard that about P. G. Wodehouse before, but I like that reading of Bertie. He spends more time fending off the advances of women than pursuing them, and seems perplexed by his friends’ romantic entanglements. I think the T.V. show emphasises this element of his character even more. Although Book!Bertie does occasionally fall for women, I can’t remember Hugh Laurie’s character showing any interest in romance, and one or two lines suggest he may be ignorant of sex.

  8. Blue Ice-Tea says:

    Years after The X-Files ended, I made up a headcanon about Scully being asexual. It didn’t change the story very much, but it did provide an interesting way of viewing the character and her relationship with Mulder. I’m finally re-watching the series for the first time in a decade and a half, and I’m curious to see how well the interpretation will hold up.

    (Yeah, I know, stuff happens in the later seasons that makes it harder to think of Scullly as ace. But I plan to stop watching long before I get there.)

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