Question of the Week: March 1, 2016

If you could do any organized group activity with other ace people, what would it be? 

The Ace Gamer’s Network Minecraft server got me thinking. I already play a lot of World of Warcraft and Heroes of the Storm and I’d love if I could network and chat with other ace people while doing so. I also have a hunch that it would be really interesting to see a group of ace people play Cards Against Humanity at a board game café.

About Talia

Talia is an asexual, nonbinary, vegan-feminist that drinks a lot of coffee and stays up very late playing Blizzard video games and writing fiction. They are working on a PhD in Environmental Studies where they think a lot about oppression as intersectional and impacting identities differentially. Talia has a particular fondness for asexuality, fandom, and Critical Animal Studies. Their personal blog is
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2 Responses to Question of the Week: March 1, 2016

  1. Doctor Azo says:

    When it comes to games, especially but not exclusively computer games, you’re sure to find other ace-friendly people at Ace Gamers Network. The whole point of AGN is to bring ace gamers network together, as well as provide a safe space and even game servers.

    The administration is very tech-savvy, however it’s running short when it comes to Community Management and engaging members.

  2. luvtheheaven says:

    At Asexuals of the Mid-Atlantic meetups, groups of asexual people have played Cards Against Humanity on many occasions. 😉 It is quite fun. As are many other types of board games/party games.

    I enjoy a lot of the group activities we have done at that group, and really any group activity can be fun with a group of people who happen to be ace, of course! 😛

    An ace friend of mine suggested lessons for certain types of dancing might be more fun in an ace environment… Especially if often dancing is seen as a sexual kind of thing.

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