Linkspam: November 6th, 2015

Every Friday, we will share links to news, blogs, and anything else we find interesting.  We can’t catch everything, so you are invited to self-promote in the comments!

Ace Blogging

Agent Aletha did a series of reviews of book reviews for asexual awareness week.

Gay YA hosted a series of articles about asexuality in YA. (See Intro, Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5)

luvtheheaven wrote about asexual representation on Sirens.

Elizabeth posted an interview with her partner, C, on aromanticism and relationships.

Ace Community Activity

tristifere made a linkspam on Indonesia aces.

fuckyeahasexual is organizing an ace NaNoWriMo group.

Calls for Participants/Submissions

A Canadian student-run publication is looking for aces of color to interview.

Morag Yule is recruiting cis men for a study of asexuality and arousal in Canada.

Aude wants to interview black aces in London.

About queenieofaces

QueenieOfAces is a graduate student in the U.S. studying Japanese religion. She is a queer asexual. She also blogs over at Concept Awesome and runs Resources for Ace Survivors. She is never quite sure what to write in these introduction things, but this one time she accidentally got a short story on asexuality published in an erotica magazine.
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3 Responses to Linkspam: November 6th, 2015

  1. luvtheheaven says:

    Oh I’m really enjoying reading that whole series on Gay YA. And thanks for linking to my blog post about Sirens! 😛

    • queenieofaces says:

      Hmm, that’s such a brief mention that I’m not sure it’s worth including in linkspam, especially since there’s been a sudden proliferation of these types of articles where they just list a bunch of terms (I think Buzzfeed ran one a couple of weeks ago). Thanks for bringing it to our attention anyway!

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