Question of the Week: August 11th, 2015

What’s the perfect stock image to depict asexuality?

Because of all the media articles that have been written about asexuality, the media is always struggling to come up with appropriate images to accompany them.  Often times they resort to Distant Couple In Bed, or the Chastity Belt With Literal Padlock.  What images do you think they should use?  (And yes, I’m encouraging silly responses.)

I’d like to see more metaphorical imagery of household objects.  Like a refrigerator, because we’re frigid.  Or a laundry machine, because our very existence makes people’s heads spin and also we’re wet blankets.  Or an empty pepper shaker because all the spice in our life is gone.  Hey, it makes about as much sense as these spoons.

About Siggy

Siggy is an ace activist based in the U.S. He is gay gray-A, and has a Ph.D. in physics. He has another blog where he also talks about math, philosophy, godlessness, and social criticism. His other hobbies include board games and origami.
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28 Responses to Question of the Week: August 11th, 2015

  1. lengray says:

    Those spoons…0_o;

  2. luvtheheaven says:

    Yes those spoons are amazing. Like what??!

    “What images do you think they use?”, or “What images do you think they SHOULD use?” lol? I liked all of the drawings of people in their underwear acting sexual with each other at a park: I mean what??

    I think maybe they should start using the Asexual flag colors more often, or the flag itself, images from pride parades, perhaps ace cards from a deck of cards, stuff like that. Depending on the context of the article, a photo of an aromantic asexual person or couple participating happily in an activity or hobby they love would work well too…

    On a less serious note yeah, showing more borderline sexually explicit images (or heck, go all the way and make the image for your article legitimately explicit) with a big giant red circle and a line through it to denote “no sex” or maybe just a skull and crossbones on top. Because why not?

    Maybe show photos/drawings of unopened condoms being thrown away.

    Show the traditional old maid/spinster who is at least 60 years old and surrounded by cats in a dimly lit, depressing environment. Because why not.

  3. I haven’t seen underwear covered in cobwebs yet. Maybe someone clearly reading an article in Playboy? How about a person who is clearly relaxed and happy as they stretch out to take up the whole bed by themselves? A train being switched to a track that winds around a mountain, instead of going through a tunnel. A note from a neighbor thanking someone for not banging their headboard against the wall.

  4. Kasey Weird says:

    I would actually really love to see asexuality illustrated through presence rather than lack. Like, if there was a way to portray two people with a solid relationship but somehow convey that it is non-sexual? Like, vivid depictions of fulfulling and vibrant friendships. But I am not sure an image can really convey the way I wish people could think about asexuals.

  5. Sennkestra says:

    I’d like to see some images along the lines of “woman laughing alone with salad” , only instead of salad we need some cake.

  6. queenieofaces says:

    One of my favorite ace community memes is aces recreating stock images (e.g. Like, I would be happy to have sad grey women touching walls or spoons or whatever as long as it’s, like, aces dressed in spoon costumes spooning each other.

  7. elainexe says:

    How about people being friends? Maybe doing some group activities. Bowling!?

  8. I’m a little sad they seem to have finally stopped constantly re-using this one photo:

    I mean yeah, it was bad that for years it seemed like I was sneakily in every asexuality article, but it was also hilarious and as far as I know literally no one who wasn’t there noticed me (how I manage to stay in the closet in some contexts is a wonder).

    • Sennkestra says:

      It was always fun to see where that image would crop up – the UK? Argentina? Who’s next?

      Still weird seeing my face pop up in random articles though. But yeah, so far as I know I’ve never had anyone notice unless I pointed it out. I guess there’s anonymity in group shots?

      • Carmilla DeWinter says:

        Same reaction befalls me whenever I see a pic from WorldPride London 2012. There’s my hat! It has probably the only ace hatband that ever hatbanded … (Someone borrowed it for the occasion, though.)

  9. demiandproud says:

    An animated gif of the line of animals waiting to enter Noah’s Ark alone? If we’re going for upstaging stock images anyway, might as well go to biblical lengths :D.

  10. Elizabeth says:

    How about…

    – people in purple pajamas on a bed… playing Scrabble.
    – A person happily reading a book with a cat on their shoulder.
    – Someone eating (cake) alone in a fancy restaurant that caters to couples going on dates.
    – Same as above, but with a black ring, sassy ace shirt, and a card taped to their forehead.

  11. Jo says:

    I still think Queenie’s broken cookies parody photo is the best. 😛
    (From this post:

  12. I would use TNG’s enterprise’s crew playing poker colored into black,white,gray,purple … but then .. the rights *sighs*

  13. Gable says:

    Oh man! Sorry I’m late to the party, but I have the perfect one!

    I have this screw that doesn’t have the threads or the point on it, it just a small metal rod with a philips screw notch on the top. It’s the screw that doesn’t. 🙂 I’d take a picture, but I don’t have a camera or know how to upload photos in comments.

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