Linkspam: January 23rd, 2015

Every Friday, we will share links to news, blogs, and anything else we find interesting.  We can’t catch everything, so you are invited to self-promote in the comments!

The National Women’s Studies Association put out their 2015 call for papers about asexuality.

Free online atheist conference FTBCon will have an ace panel tonight at 9pm CST.  Our own writers Siggy and Sciatrix will appear.  The video will be available afterwards as well.

New blog spotted: Writer Ace

There were even more responses to the on-going conversation about grey consent.  Aqua wrote a post, and Olivia wrote a follow-up to her first post.  Coyote wrote about greyness, uncertainty, and sexual violence, and Aqua also had some thoughts on where grey area consent and sexual violence intersect.  [note these links may be triggering for people with sexual violence or coercion-related triggers]

Emerald wrote about the history of “allosexual.”  epochryphal also wrote about 2011 in ace tumblr history.

Coyote wrote about The Shame Clause.

inconsequential-introspection created a yin-yang model of grey-asexuality.

demigray is looking to interview people with different intersectional identities.

Acereads has created a searchable database of fiction featuring asexuals.  They also have an associated tumblr with reviews.

About queenieofaces

QueenieOfAces is a graduate student in the U.S. studying Japanese religion. She is a queer asexual. She also blogs over at Concept Awesome and runs Resources for Ace Survivors. She is never quite sure what to write in these introduction things, but this one time she accidentally got a short story on asexuality published in an erotica magazine.
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2 Responses to Linkspam: January 23rd, 2015

  1. cinderace says:

    I discovered two sites recently that I wanted to share: the AroAceReads Tumblr at, which posts about ace/aro spectrum characters in fiction and hosts a monthly book club, and the Asexual Artists blog, which is posting interviews with all types of artists, amateur and professional, who are on the ace or aro spectrums–

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