Blogroll, and statistics by country

I have two blog-related things to say, which aren’t really related to each other in any way.

First, our blogroll needs updating.  If you have an actively updating ace-related blog (for this purpose, that means something ace-related at least once a month) that is not already on our blogroll, please let us know!

Second, because we’re doing this call for international voices, I thought I would share our site statistics by country.  Below, I show the number of page views in this blog’s lifetime, as of the end of July.

country statisticsThe “other” category includes all countries which have less than 1%.  But here I’ll also list countries down to 0.2%:

United States: 162k
United Kingdom: 24k
Canada: 22k
Australia: 10k
Germany: 5.8k
Austria: 3.5k
Netherlands: 3.2k
France: 2.9k
New Zealand: 1.9k
Sweden: 1.8k
Taiwan: 1.6k
Finland: 1.6k
Ireland: 1.5k
Singapore: 1.3k
Japan: 1.2k
Spain: 1.2k
Brazil: 1.1k
Slovenia: 1.0k
Denmark: 1.0k
Italy: 1.0k
Israel: 900
Norway: 900
Poland: 800
Philippines: 800
India: 800
Hungary: 700
Romania: 700
Mexico: 600
Iceland: 600
Other: 8.7k

About Siggy

Siggy is an ace activist based in the U.S. He is gay gray-A, and has a Ph.D. in physics. He has another blog where he also talks about math, philosophy, godlessness, and social criticism. His other hobbies include board games and origami.
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13 Responses to Blogroll, and statistics by country

  1. luvtheheaven says:

    I think my From Fandom to Family blog counts as one you could maybe add to your blogroll? 😉 I’ve been trying to write one or two ace-related posts pretty much every month.

    Also, it’s great to see this breakdown of the countries. 😉 It’s good to know.

  2. Pegasus says:

    My blog isn’t exclusively about ace stuff, and not been active long, but I’m aiming for at least one ace related post a month 🙂

  3. Carmilla DeWinter says:

    I’ve this relatively new German blog:
    There’s a couple more blogs by aces I know, but the ace posts are spaced too far apart. But finally, a semi-functioning German ace blogosphere!

  4. Ace in Translation says:

    I am working on posting regularly on It’s a mix between Dutch and English posts, but all ace-related.

  5. Siggy says:

    Thanks everyone for for the links!

  6. Aqua says:

    It’s not up yet, but right now, I’m preparing a blog, and will post up the link when it’s ready.

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  8. And says:

    Hello all, I recently started a blog focused on my experiences as an Aro/Ace Genderqueer person. Please check it out and add me to the blogroll if you think it’s appropriate. It’s (And just to clarify, I am not the Aqua above, though I look forward to seeing their blog too!)

  9. Aqua says:

    Here’s my blog:

    It’s not all about asexuality, given the niche I’m aiming for, but I hope that it’s still appropriate.

  10. Siggy says:

    Thanks, blogroll updated!

  11. luvtheheaven says:

    Are you still updating the blogroll? I just discovered these blogs: and which might be appropriate. 😉 Plus I’ve been reading this demisexual blogger’s blog for a while now: and a bunch of the recent hosts of the Carnival of Aces have blogs not on the blogroll…

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