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Sex-aversion, for sex-positive audiences

I’m not sex-averse, so when I think of issues relating to sex-averse aces, I mostly think of problems I’ve encountered when doing visibility work.  After all, when I do visibility work, I’m representing everyone, not just myself. So far, most … Continue reading

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The Invisible Orientation: A Review

So as I mentioned on the Question of the Week on Tuesday, there’s a new book on asexuality coming out soon! The Invisible Orientation, written by Julie Decker, AKA Swankivy, will be coming out in the US on September 2nd. … Continue reading

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Linkspam: August 29th, 2014

Every Friday, we will share links to news, blogs, and anything else we find interesting.  We can’t catch everything, so you are invited to self-promote in the comments! captainheartless wrote some guidelines for writing about non-sex-averse aces. AVEN is back … Continue reading

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Here goes everything

This post was written for the August 2014 Carnival of Aces.  This month’s theme is “the Unassailable Asexual.”  You too can submit! Trigger warnings: If you have any sexual violence-related triggers, please consider skipping this post.  Frank (although not explicit) … Continue reading

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Question of the Week: August 26, 2014

With Swankivy’s new book The Invisible Orientation coming out in the US soon, I’ve been thinking about how people learn about asexuality in the first place. How did you come across the term? Were you specifically looking for the concept, or … Continue reading

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A Conversation About the Israeli Ace Community with Limor

This interview is part of our international voices series.  If you’d be interested in contributing, check out our call for submissions and interviews. I had the opportunity to interview Limor, who is a member of the Israeli and English asexual … Continue reading

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Why asexual visibility must be forgiving

The following is a submission to the Carnival of Aces this month, with a theme of “The Unassailable Asexual”.  Please consider submitting something! I have a question: Why do we care about the idea of “The Unassailable Asexual”?  Why do … Continue reading

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