Welcome new contributors

We have four new contributors to The Asexual Agenda.  Please join me in greeting them!

Laura is an aromantic asexual, queer-identified, and a Muslim. She lives in the U.S., works in online tech support, and volunteers for a Muslim anti-racism organization. She blogs about asexuality, queer Muslim issues, and other topics at Notes of an Asexual Muslim.

Katie is an American expat working abroad on environmental conservation.  She is a queer romantic asexual, mixed race, and existentially overwhelmed.  When she’s not chasing pigs away from her vegetable garden, she likes to keep up on intersectional issues and open her ears to the murmurs of the internet.

Talia is a Masters student in Gender Studies and Feminist Research where they are doing research on conceptual frameworks of asexuality. Talia’s other academic love is veganism and Critical Animal Studies, which they will be exploring this September in a PhD program in Environmental Studies. Talia identifies as agender and asexual panromantic. In their free time they make kale chips, play WoW, and write fiction.

Jasmine is an English student. She views herself primarily as an asexual and is still undecided about whether the term aromantic does apply to her, so uses it only sparingly. She considers herself a feminist and an activist. In her spare time she enjoys writing, acting and watching a seemingly dangerous amount of Supernatural.

About Siggy

Siggy is an ace activist based in the U.S. He is gay gray-A, and has a Ph.D. in physics. He has another blog where he also talks about math, philosophy, godlessness, and social criticism. His other hobbies include board games and origami.
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6 Responses to Welcome new contributors

  1. queenieofaces says:

    Welcome, everyone! I’m so excited to work with all of you!

  2. Jo says:

    Welcome to all our new contributors! I am also very excited so see what lovely things you will be posting here in the next while.

  3. Sara K. says:

    Welcome! I look forward to your contributions.

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