Question of the Week: November 26th, 2013

Often when I look at the news I think the world is getting worse. But when I consider things in context of the last century, I’m not so sure.

What do you think about the condition of the world? Is it getting worse, getting better, staying the same, or doing something else?

About Aydan

Aydan is an aromantic asexual biology grad student in the US. She blogs at Confessions of an Ist about asexuality, Christianity, environmentalism, and feminism.
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7 Responses to Question of the Week: November 26th, 2013

  1. Aydan says:

    Personally I can’t make up my mind. I think we’re solving a lot of very ancient problems with technology but creating more in the process. I do think standards of living are going up globally, but I don’t know how long that will last.

  2. Siggy says:

    I’m very optimistic about the future. I think the world is getting better. The internet is giving everyone a crash course in diversity. Education is much more widespread than it used to be. Lifespans are longer than they were before. Even art is better these days (I’m thinking of movies, music recordings, comics, and games).

    However, a few things seem to dither back and forth rather than advancing forward… like public policy.

  3. Victrix says:

    As a general trend I would say it is improving, especially on the more basic level’s of needs, however as these are met we’re getting other issues that haven’t been of so much concern coming to the fore, as well as creating new issues as we solve old ones.
    Biggest problem though is that the bad stuff is most likely to create the response that the media wants.

  4. Norah says:

    I’m not sure about the condition of the world, but the news isn’t that much different from when I was a lot younger. It makes things seem slightly worse, but not by much.
    The news actually seems more and more the same the more years I’ve been following it. Sometimes I almost feel like they just change the names of countries and/or people from an old piece to create new pieces.

  5. Sara K. says:

    Well, this depends on what you mean when you say the world is getting ‘better’ or ‘worse’ … but according to my subjective meaning, it’s getting worse. I think things might turn around, but we are currently heading in the direction of ‘worse’ not ‘better’ at the moment.

    I could pick lots of examples (for example, as recently as a decade ago CEOs of large corporations – Enron for example – would get prosecuted for fraud, whereas CEOs nowadays seem completely immune even when they are responsible for massive fraud), but to me, the biggest problem is the upcoming ecological collapse. I’m not just talking about climate change – though that’s included – I’m also talking about ocean acidification, deforestation, fracking, the massive loss of topsoil which happens every year, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, etc. We depend on our ecosystems for survival, and if current trends persist, I think the total global human population will decline by billions of people within the next century.

    I hope that these trends will reverse somehow. In fact all of them will eventually reverse because it’s impossible for them to go on forever. So maybe I should say I hope these trends reverse before they cause they cause massive social upheaval and human suffering (I should note in some places these trends are already causing massive social upheaval and human suffering). And right now they are not reversing.

  6. epochryphal says:

    Mm! I think stuff cycles and trades off; it’s tempting to believe progress is linear, but the 1900s LGBT community for example just functioned differently, not necessarily in a more (or less) oppressed fashion. I do think life has become much less private/more public, and that suits me. Also as an out non-binary person, I do prefer the contemporary period.

  7. Midori Skies says:

    To me it mostly just looks like people are being… people. Except that nowadays we have all sorts of high tech stuff that we didn’t used to have. So, people who kill people have much better tools for it. But people who try to help people have better tools, too. But we’re also doing a really good job of screwing up the environment, and that could end up making things way worse than having efficient weapons does. Or not. I suppose we’ll see, sooner or later.

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