Question of the Week: October 29th, 2013

What’s your favorite Halloween costume, or fancy dress costume, of all time?

About Aydan

Aydan is an aromantic asexual biology grad student in the US. She blogs at Confessions of an Ist about asexuality, Christianity, environmentalism, and feminism.
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3 Responses to Question of the Week: October 29th, 2013

  1. Seth says:

    Wizard attempting to pass for a muggle. It stands out, and it’s lazy. You can just wear whatever bizarre juxtaposition of clothing you like, and it works. And in my experience, no one will be able to tell what the hell you’re supposed to be, but they’ll all get the reference once you explain it.

  2. riverfacklam says:

    My Hallowe’en costume this year is Google Maps. My friend and I spent about 5 hours drawing a map onto poster board.It’s really detailed and we replaced some of the road names with roads named after our teachers because we’re seniors in high school. It was a lot of work to make, but it looks really cool, and the creativity points it should bring us will be worth it.

  3. Hollis says:

    My absolute favorite Halloween costume ever was a Nazgul. I was like 10 at the time, wore an black robe that had a hood that completely covered my face, and attached small (like penny-sized) flashing lights where my eyes were. It was exceptionally awesome and creepy, though my parents were very concerned that I’d get hit by a car, considering night+all black don’t go well together for visibility.

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