Question of the Week: September 24th, 2013

This week’s question is brought to you a little later than usual due to my flat’s internet crisis – sorry about the delay!

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about what direction I want to take in my career – so I thought I’d see what everyone’s dream job would be. Is it something you’re working towards, or something that will sadly remain a pipe dream? Or maybe you already have your dream career?

I’m working towards a career as an academic – in ancient history and archaeology. I’d like to teach and dig and research and write, and hopefully I’ll be able to get there!

About Jo

Jo is an ancient history honours student in Australia, with a particular interest in gender and sexuality in antiquity. In her free time she devours books, tea and Doctor Who, but is honestly not that into cake, and proudly calls herself a feminist and an activist. She identifies an an aromantic asexual a little bit more every day. Jo also blogs at A Life Unexamined on feminism and asexuality.
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10 Responses to Question of the Week: September 24th, 2013

  1. Seth says:

    I’m headed toward a career in software development. Haven’t narrowed it further than that.

  2. Jillian says:

    I have two dream careers. The first is to write novels, which is something I actually think I will be able to do and I’m working toward. The second is to play percussion in an orchestra that does movie soundtracks. Since I am not working toward that in any way, it’s just a pipe dream, haha.

  3. queenieofaces says:

    I’m also aiming for a career in academia! (I mean, I guess TECHNICALLY I already have a career in academia, since I’m being paid to be a grad student…) I’d like to teach Japanese religion and/or Japanese history.

  4. Academia here as well. I’ll… let you know how that goes…

  5. Siggy says:

    I always forget what my dream career was as soon as I wake up. 😦

  6. Sciatrix says:

    I don’t think I have a dream career. I always envision my long-term career as a series of jobs, where I take the best available option of things I want to do at any given decision point, but I don’t really have a long-term vision of how my life is going to work out. The long term planning just seems really rigid to me.

  7. Sara K. says:

    I also no longer have a ‘dream career’. In fact, I don’t really want a career at all, dream-or-not. I do have a job (hey, it pays the bills, and it also happens to be interesting in its own right), but I regard that as a current situation, not as a stepping stone into some long arc into the future.

    Instead of finding a ‘career track’, I’d prefer to find more creative ways to put together a living. I’ve never had a full-time job (my living expenses are so low that I can support myself with part-time work), and I hope I never have to take a full time job. Right now, I can’t imagine any full-time job that I would find so fulfilling that it could compensate for my loss of time, freedom, and flexibility.

    For example, I might have a part-time job, a small business (i.e. something that can’t fully support me, but which can supplement my income from the part-time job and be fun at the same time), as well as finding interesting ways to keeps my expenses low.

  8. Victrix says:

    My dream job is a tabletop wargame/board game designer. Have been working with some friends for the last couple of years on this however uni has meant we haven’t had enough time to really get it to a kick off point, hopefully mid to late next year as I’ll have finished uni by then. Only one of the two degrees I’m studying (double degree) is actually relevant though, the other is the main backup plan and likely to also be a source of start-up funds.

  9. Cleander says:

    My “dream” career is pretty mundane…basically anyone that will hire me, give me regular hours and decent pay, and where I can work with relatively reasonable and competent people. Most of my “dreams” tend to be in areas that work better as hobbies or volunteer projects – and I just want a career that will allow me the financial resources and time to pursue my preferred activities as well.

  10. Sylvia A. Winters says:

    Ooh, nice. Perfect mixture of office research and fieldwork in that one, I’d assume ^_^
    I just want to write. Maybe work in a bookshop. Maybe own a bookshop if I can somehow get around my terrible organisation and numerical business skills. But mostly it’s the writing thing, which I’m working towards with a few f/f and m/m stories published. So I guess I already am a writer, but I want to be a good writer, which I’m hoping will come with time 😛

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