Question of the Week: August 13th, 2013

Welcome to this Tuesday’s Question of the Week! Feel free to leave your two cents’ worth and get some discussion happening.

We haven’t had any discussion of the announcement of the 12th Doctor yet! Seeing as Doctor Who is one of those things asexuals are meant to like (coming from an ace who doesn’t like cake), we might as well go there.

What are your thoughts on the new Doctor? Are you happy with the change, or would you have hoped for something else? What are you most looking forward to about a new Doctor, and what aren’t you looking forward to?

Spoilers below, if you haven’t heard the news yet.

I’ve only seen Capaldi in Torchwood: Children of Earth, and his performance there as John Frobisher blew me away. If the new Doctor is played that well, then I’m really looking forward to his run. I’m also really interested in how the dynamic between the Doctor and his companion(s) is going to change. Previous regenerations have really gone for the flirting-attractiveness-romantic-overtones thing, and I haven’t really enjoyed that so much, especially because it seemed so forced on Eleven, whom I really envision as ace. Hopefully having an older Doctor will mean less flirting. And maybe an ace designation? (Which is not to say that someone is more likely to be ace if they’re older or anything – just that the ‘young and sexy’ thing was really played up with the last Doctors.) So anyway, if there is less flirting and more character development for the companions as a result, I will be super happy.

About Jo

Jo is an ancient history honours student in Australia, with a particular interest in gender and sexuality in antiquity. In her free time she devours books, tea and Doctor Who, but is honestly not that into cake, and proudly calls herself a feminist and an activist. She identifies an an aromantic asexual a little bit more every day. Jo also blogs at A Life Unexamined on feminism and asexuality.
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3 Responses to Question of the Week: August 13th, 2013

  1. queenieofaces says:

    I don’t think we’re going to get an ace Doctor or a change in companion-Doctor dynamics as long as Moffat is showrunner. He’s got a definite idea of what’s “interesting” and “exciting” and what people (which, as far as I can tell, mostly means him) want to watch, and so I doubt he’s going to mix it up, even with a new Doctor. Also, the fact that apparently Capaldi was the only person he considered for the role makes me think that he already has a very specific idea of what he wants to do with his character…

    Also, side note, Capaldi appeared in “The Fires of Pompeii” in Series 4! So he’s played multiple roles in the Who universe before.

  2. Hollis says:

    I am super excited that it’s Peter Capaldi because from what I’ve seen, he’s a phenomenal actor. I was also hoping very badly that’d we’d get an older dude as the Doctor and as Capaldi will be the same age as William Hartnell when he first took on the role, it happened and I’m happy.

    I’m also hoping that the romantic overtones will go away, but that seems highly unlikely with Moffat running the show. (Fun fact: Matt Smith describes his Doctor as asexual, which probably makes sense why Moffat’s writing of him-in-romantic/sexual-contexts feels weird.)

  3. I like the older doctor direction, but Moffat. I have zero respect for Moffat as showrunner, and I’m distressed that he gets to ruin another doctor. I’m hoping, given the hints from Gaiman and the like, and casting Capaldi, that they’ll make Twelve ‘grim’, ie. call him out on his crap, rather than having the world worship at his feet like Eleven. And I somehow have really high hopes for Twelve/River that I know are going to be dashed, but I can’t help hoping them anyway. 😦

    Did I mention I’m bitter about Moffat?

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