January 01 Open Thread

[Image description: A black and white text graphic. It says, “March 14, 2015 – 9:26:53 will be epic. Why? 3.141592653 = Ο€.]

How have your calendars been lately? Busy, empty?

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9 Responses to January 01 Open Thread

  1. Brin says:

    But the number after the 3 is 5, so wouldn’t it round up?

    • Seth says:

      That depends one what rounding system you’re using, but in any case, the equals sign is a lie. It’s approximate, not equal.

  2. Jo says:

    I applied for a significant scholarship today. Not so sure I have a shot, but oh well. Other than that, I’m hunting for a new place to live with my best friend. Wish us luck!

    • Sciatrix says:

      Oh, good luck! Hope you get it! You never know, you might be a better candidate than you think.

      • Jo says:

        Thanks, sciatrix! I’ll be on a uni trip in Italy when it’s notified, so hopefully I’ll still find out via email. And if not, well, at least I’ll be distracted by being in Italy. πŸ™‚

  3. Seth says:

    Those of us who use sensible date formats will beg to disagree with this assertion.

    I’ve not been terribly busy, since it’s winter break, but that’s going to change next week.

  4. Siggy says:

    This week, Queenie’s post on herbivore men shot up as our most popular post of all time, apparently because it’s now the second hit on a google search for “herbivore men”. Cool beans.

    • queenieofaces says:

      I don’t even understand how that happened. Why are people suddenly so desperate to learn about herbivore men? Was there a news story this week that I missed?

      • Siggy says:

        Google trends indicates that the search term “herbivore men” shot up in popularity in the last month, but I can’t really trace it to any particular news story. It appeared on A Voice for Men forums? Apparently MRA types have a sympathetic image of herbivore men.

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