Linkspam: November 2nd, 2012

Every Friday, we will share links to news, blogs, and anything else we find interesting.  We can’t catch everything, so you are invited to self-promote in the comments!

Ace Admiral starts a discussion on our tendencies to minimize same-gender desires, and how this interacts with asexuality.

A Life Unexamined examines why we use gender and orientation boxes. (via Ace-Muslim)

While we’re on the topic of asexual community conflict, read about the history of the Nonlibidoism Society.

Another dating advice columnist tackles asexuality (very short).   A perfect example of what SlightlyMetaphysical was talking about.

About Siggy

Siggy is a physics grad student in the U.S. He is gay gray-A, and makes amateur attempts at asexual activism. His interests include godlessness, scientific skepticism, and math. While not working or blogging, he plays video and board games with his boyfriend, and folds colored squares.
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