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Asexual News had an article about the supposed demise of the asexual blogosphere at the hands of Tumblr.  They published my response, quoted below.

The article “Tumblr Has Greatly Expanded the Asexual Blogosphere” says that off-Tumblr Asexual bloggers have been accusing Tumblr of killing the Asexual blogosphere. I believe I am the only blogger who has vocally expressed such an opinion. Asexual News likely only heard the idea from second-hand sources. These sources misrepresented me.

I do not hate Tumblr, and I think it is great that Asexual Tumblrs have seen so much growth. Unfortunately, this was accompanied by the declining activity of Asexual non-Tumblr blogs. Tumblr has some strengths, such as the ability to search for topics using hashtags, but some weaknesses too. The reliance on hashtags has led to the proliferation of trolling. And there is also the phenomenon of long reblog discussions, which are an awkward replacement for blog comments. Imagine if everyone on Tumblr moved to Twitter, and proceeded to have discussions that were plainly not suited to the 140 character format.

It would be great if we could combine the strengths of Tumblr and the strengths of other kinds of blogs, but it is difficult to integrate the two formats. For the most part, people can only comment on Tumblr by being on Tumblr. And Tumblr people can’t track non-Tumblr blogs on their dashboard. People are forced to choose one format or the other, which is a lose-lose situation for everyone.

 Source: Tumblr Is Terrible

Though in this particular case, I criticize an article Asexual News, in general Asexual News is a great source which doesn’t get as much attention as it deserves.

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